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Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard & Longboard
Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard & Longboard
Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard & Longboard
Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard & Longboard
Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard & Longboard
Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard & Longboard
Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard & Longboard

Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard & Longboard

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USA/Germany Warehouse: Verreal F1 with 4.0Ah Battery Pack
(How to Ship From USA/Germany Warehouse: Choose Ship from California)

Product Features:
1, Safest Board on Markets: 
The Slight Drop on the Nose of the Deck and Concave on Both Sides Locks Rider's Feet on the Deck. This Feature Ensures a Much More Stable Ride and Helps Rider Avoid the Dangers Caused by Moving feet on the Deck; The Gradual Safe Braking Curve Also Saves Rider from Being Thrown Off When the Braking Takes Place. These Two Features Makes Verreal F1 the Best and Safest Board in the Markets. 

2, The drop down deck
The Slight Drop on the Nose of the Deck and Concave on Both Sides Locks Rider's Feet on the Deck making Verreal F1 the most stable and safest board on the markets. With Verreal F1, you can enjoy riding the electric skateboards full speed all the time. What a thrillful ride.

3, Regenerative Brake and Safe Brake
The Battery Gets Recharged When You Brake The Board, which saves up more energy for a longer ride. Not only does it charge when you brake, it also lets you brake safely. When you are at top speed of 40kmph, its braking force is soft. As the speed gets lower and lower, the braking power becomes stronger and stronger until it stops. It will pull you to stop safely even when you pull the throttle to the bottom abruptly at full speed.

4, High Performance ESC
This ESC is Well Glued and Sealed. It is Water Resistant. Also an Antenna is Perfectly Enhancing the Signal Connections. Our ESC provides the smoothest riding experience ever. Smooth acceleration and smooth braking. With our unique drop down deck, you’ll have a total blast.

5, Alluminum Alloy Casing
Made of Alluminum Alloy, the Casing is very Strong and unbreakable. With an Antenna Built on the ESC, the Connection Issues Are Perfectly Solved and the Signal is Greatly Enhanced.

6, Easiest Deck Swap:
Unlike the Conventional Split Enclosure, Our board is the Easiest for Deck Swap. Four Screws Out, and You’re Ready for Another Deck.

Product Specs:
1, Hub Motors: Dual, 90mm Diameter, 55mm Wide, 250W Each
Max Motor Power: 500W, Rotational Speed: 2600 Rounds Per Minute
2, Front Wheels:
Bearings: C&U Super Silent Bearings
Wheel Material: PU; Wheel Size: 3.54x2.08 inches (90x54 mm)
3, Remote/ESC/Motherboard
Works With A Sinusoidal Wave Drive And The Hall Sensor To Ensure A Smooth And Steady Ride
Regenerative Brake: The Battery Gets Recharged When You Brake The Board.
4, Battery: 
4.0Ah Standard Battery: Better Hill Climb&Significantly Reduce Battery Sag
6.0Ah Bak Battery Brings Longer Range, Prolonging Riding Fun.

5, Wireless Remote: 3.7V/400MAH, Micro USB Charging, 1H of Charging Time, 2.4G,Effective Distance: 20 Meters(Open Field)
6, Adaptor & Charger:
Input: 100~240V-50/60Hz 1.8A; Output: 42V 1.5A/2A, UL Certified; IP20
EU,US or AU Standard Plug Depends on Your Destination Country.
7, Deck
Material: Concave; 7 Ply of maple; Max load: 260 pounds (120 kg)
8, Skateboard
Weight: 7.5KGS(16.5Pounds)
Size: 38x9.65x5.5Inch (970x245x140mm)
9, Carton
Size: 38.7x13.7x7.6 inches (980x 300x 185mm)
Gross Weight: 25.35Pounds(12KGS)

Riding Performance: 
1, Range:
Standard 4.0Ah Battery Pack:
14 Kilometers / 8.7 Miles (Fast Mode); 17.7 Kilometers / 11 Miles(Slow Mode)

2, Speeds:
    Slow Mode: 20KMPH / 12.4MPH
    Medium Mode: 30KMPH / 18.6MPH
    Fast Mode: 40KMPH / 24.85MPH 

The Above Data Was Measured By A 150 Pounds Rider. Please note Verreal doesnot guarantee everyone will reach the advertised speed as the speed will be affected by a lot of factors such as terrain, wind resistance, battery level, rider weight, battery level etc.

3, Much Better Performance on Making A Turn:
4, Max Hill Climb Angle: 25-30%


After-Sales & Warranty:
1, We Work Very Hard To Improve Our Quality. But We Also Understand Even Apple Has Its Quality Issues. Once You Have An Issue With Our Product, Just Contact Us. We Will Never Dodge Our Responsibilities And Shall Give It The Best & Quick Attention.
2, All Of Our Verreal Skateboards Are Backed With A Three-Month Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects. Please Notice The Urethanes Of Hub Motors And Wheels Are Not In The Warranty. Also Good To Know Our Urethanes Could Be Replaced And Purchased From Our Stores.
3, Other Skateboard Parts And Components Are Also Available In Our Shop. Welcome To Place Your Orders If You Need Anything.
4, Be Sure To Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel Of Verreal E-Board. More Exclusive Offers Will Be Announced There. 

What's in the Box: 
1 x Ready-to-Skate Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard
1 x Adaptor and Charger
1 x Wireless Remote & USB Cable
1 x T Wrench 
1 x User Manual
1 x Name Cards

Very Important Notes: 
1, Avoid Downhill Riding When the Board is Fully Charged Due to the Regenerative Braking. We Recommend Users Ride a few Hundreds of Meters on the Flats Before Trying Downhill Riding. Riding Downhill at Full Charge will Also Shorten the Life Span of the Battery. Buyers, Be Aware.
2, Verreal Is Not Waterproof. We donot recommend riders ride the board on wet, icy surfaces or puddles for the sake of riders' safety as the wet or icy surfaces are likely to make the wheels skid. But when you ride in heavy rain, theres risk that you might fall due to the smooth wheels. 
3, Beware That Verreal Is Controlled By The Remote. So Be Sure To Switch it Off When You Get Off Verreal To Avoid Unwanted Accidents.
4, Please charge your board up after you ride it to empty. Because if you put it away and don't charge it for some time, it gets really hard to charge to full. This will affect the life expectancy of the battery.
5, You can only charge your remote with 5 V ,1 A charger or the computer USB to charge it. Charging voltage of over 5 V will harm the remote battery.

1, Free shipping to over 68 countries. But we’ll collect extra money for only a few countries as shipping to these few countries cost twice as much as most countries cost.
2, In Most Cases, Shipping will be Made Three Weekdays after Order Placed.
3, Sometimes the final delivery time may be longer as workforce strikes, flight delays, flight fully booked and holidays happen.
4, We ship our boards first leg of journey via Chinese airfreight companies to their warehouses in EU or US and have the final delivery done by local courier services such as FedEx, UPS or DPD. Once the board arrives at our partner’s warehouses, they will call UPS or FedEx to Collect the package and deliver the board to our customer. The tracking number we’ll fill in after the board’s given to our shipping partner is either a FedEx/DPD number or a UPS number. This tracking number will only update after the board arrives at our shipping partner’s warehouses and gets picked up by FedEx or UPS. Before that, the tracking number will only show “Label Created”, which means the board is still on its way to our shipping partner’s warehouse and hasn’t been given to FedEx or UPS.

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Customer Reviews

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Best E-board

Verry happy with this board :-)



MD Shafayat

Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard (Free Shipping & No Taxes)

tom curley
Best Budget E-Board

I LOVE my F1 E-Board! Great speed, great feel, and great range! LOVE the concave deck the most!

Robin Kubbe
Most Reliable Board

I live in South Korea. Most people have never seen an e-board. I've had the F-1 for maybe 3 years now. It never let me down riding to the subway station or just exploring. It just works. I can count on it to use it to get me there for the last mile.
Vic and Team did a great job with the F1. Thank You