Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

At Verreal, we put so many efforts to build Verreal electric skateboards. If you are satisfied with your boards or convinced Verreal electric skateboards are the best budget electric skateboards for your friends or families, we invite you to join our affiliate program. With this affiliate program, your friends or families get a coupon and you also get a commision.

How It Works1, This affiliate program works for Verreal board users and non-users.   2, Interested candidates can email us at with a subject line of Affiliate program for the coupon code. The coupon code can be used for many times. Every sale through that coupon code will get the candidate a commision and the referer a coupon code to buy Verreal boards.
3, Once you have the coupon code, you can tell your friends and families about Verreal boards and give them the coupon code to let them use it to purchase a Verreal board. Then your job is done. Verreal team will get back to you with an email to confirm your referral sale and your commisions.
4, Commision will be given via PayPal three days after the purchase.

Let's do it!!!  Fight On.

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