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Feel the thrills.

Verreal RS wins the title for the most affordable long range electric skateboard.

Skate into joy.

Ignite your passion for adrenaline-fueled adventures!

Verreal RS Pro

Powerful, Robust, Durable

Verreal ACE

Portable, Powerful, Durable
Introducing Verreal RS Pro All Terrain

Experience the Verreal RS Pro all terrain Electric Skateboard – a fusion of power and precision. Its dual-motor system ensures unmatched speed and torque, making every ride an exhilarating journey into the future of personal transportation. Elevate your ride, embrace innovation, and own the streets with the Verreal RS Pro.

Meet Verreal RS

Unleash the Verreal RS Electric Skateboard – where style meets speed. With its sleek design and powerful motor, this board delivers a thrilling ride like no other. Elevate your commute, embrace the electric revolution, and make a statement with the Verreal RS.

Don't just take our word for it.

The board is amazing.

Very well packed. It rides super. It's a pity that I didn't get the one with flowers. I didn't know there is also all black and they send it randomly. If I would know that I would kindly ask them to send me one that I want. I live i Slovenia (EU) and I got it in 4 days from Germany.
The seller is super friendly and helpful with answers. He could have told me that there is 2 color options. Can't blame him. Everything is super fine. Hope the board will work for long time.

Janet Lakin

A Big Thumbs Up!!

Seamless, drama free ordering, Vic was the consummate professional (including a personal phone call) The board took 12 days to arrive in perfect, well packaged condition & it just reeks of quality. This is my first Esk8 & the throttle & brake calibrations are very smooth and very easy to modulate, the remote comfortable in the hand & intuitive to use & the wheels are very comfortable with fantastic grip. Within an hour I was carving comfortably & so far has been a joy to ride! Highly recommend!

martin cobham

Rocket board

It's a daily adventure ride this board to my job, I just feel snowboarding on the streets. Solid material, smooth wheels... Perfect mix for the bumpy streets in Chile.
Great customer support, they are always ready !

Nicolas Díaz

Awesome commuter board

I had some trouble learning how to ride it as I have never ridden any board before.
Now after some practice I ride it to work every day.
I love the big battery and plenty of power as I am a heavy rider.
It has enough power to climb steep hills comfortably.

Ondra B.

Fantastic eboard

The board is awesome I couldn’t be happier. Its fast and powerful rides super smooth. The quality is great seems really well built. Range was a little less for me, but I’m hard on the throttle and live in a very hilly area. Does great up steep hills though no problems with lagging or hot motors. Overall a bitchen board worth every cent. I might also mention that customer service was above and beyond. These guys at verreal are on point. You won’t be disappointed if you buy this bad ass board.


Nice board

I bought my Verreal RS in january, after a little delivery problem it arrive pretty fast and Verreal arrange me for the missing delay which I appreciate a lot.
This elecric skateboard is awesome but as it is my first one it's a bit strong for me (I am still in mode 1 now). I ride it in Paris and arround and it's a real pleasure, even if sometime I have to deal with pavement streets. I recommand Verreal RS. Thanks Vic for this product and your reactivity.


My best friend

hey guys. I drove 3400 km on this board! You know what I can say, I am more pleased with it than Hurricane and Zeus PRO. This baby is light, smaller, not heavy. I am an 85 kg rider and in the first mode I rode 50 km on 120 cloud wheels. I clean it and lubricate it every 60-90 km and I don’t have a single problem with it. If you're hesitant, then don't be, just get this board and enjoy.


Great Board

It has never failed me, drives super smooth, stock everything has been amazing, bought the handle to help pull it behind me when walking…. This board is the best board on the market and I would love to recommend and buy another for others in my family.

Dan Haag

I got two

Coming from Boosted XR, this thing is for real. No more range anxiety. Heading to beach to see how much range for my weight and height. Thinking 27 miles on mode 2. If your looking for quality at a great price this is your best choice. I like the boosted wheels way bettter than cloud wheels. More skateboard feel. Thanks Verreal.

Vachirut Boonyavatana