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Hobbywing Oled Remote Disconnecting Issue Statement

Hobbywing Oled Remote Disconnecting Issue Statement

Late March, we received a batch of new oled remotes from our partner Hobbywing. However, we found and we received reports from our customers that these new oled remotes are problematic. These new oled remotes keep disconnecting when riders are riding the board. They donot disconnect with the board, but risks are still there.

We contacted our partner Hobbywing immediately and are working on a solution. The issues are solved.

Right now, we are waiting for another batch of hobbywing oled remotes. They arrive in 2 days. We will ship our current Verreal RS orders with these fixed new oled remotes. Don't worry about the connection issues of the remotes. They have been overhauled and tested no problem for the all the environments.

For those whose boards came with a problematic oled remote, please contact us. Our after sale people will send you a new replacement. This issue falls right within the warranty. Verreal is gonna send each and everyone of these customers a new oled remote via DHL. Please get in touch with us.

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  • I received a faulty remote messaged verreal they promised a new remote.
    But this never arrived and now I do net get a respond.

  • Hello. I am experiencing this error with a RS I purchased on May. I have sent a message to Vic but have not received a response.

    James Savva

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