How do you brake Verreal electric skateboard

How do you brake Verreal electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are all the rage now. People like to ride electric skateboards worldwide. Braking is and has always been the most important thing for a electric skateboard rider. 

I have said in our youtube channel Verreal Board multiple times how to brake Verreal electric skateboards. Today let us again break down the braking process of Verreal electric skateboards.

1, Let go of the throttle for a few seconds;

2, Pull back the throttle gradually and gently to stop the board

3, Make sure you don't pull the throttle to the bottom abruptly. 

It is very dangerous to pull back the throttle to the bottom abruptly. That is because when the board is going full speed, there is a force going forward. If you brake it abruptly, the board stops immediately. But the force is still there. So people are likely to be thrown off the board. Make sure you follow these braking process, and you'll be good. I am riding V1S every day. I never got thrown off the board. 

Alright, that is it. Happy skateboarding and Safe skateboarding. 

More videos on the Verreal AT mini electric skateboard is coming. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel Verreal Board. 

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