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A lot of people are emailing us to ask about shipping. So we think it nesserary to write a passage on it.

How we ship Verreal electric skateboards?

Express companies like DHL,FedEx or UPS won't ship electric skateboards from Shenzhen to foreign countries. Therefore, we manage to work with some Chinese reliable shipping companies to do the shipping. First we hand our boards to our Chinese shipping partners. They will reserve flights to ship our boards to destination countries by air. After boards arrive in destination countries, our shipping partners will start custom clearance and hand the boards to local courier services such as FedEx in US, UPS in Europe etc. It usually takes about 7 days for the boards to be handed to local courier services. And the tracking numbers Vic will be emailling our customers are actually for local courier services. That means there might be a week's time when you will not be able to have updates on that tracking number Vic shares with you. So once you get the tracking number, just be patient. It is coming.

Why shipping is so expensive?

Our shipping fees vary from country to country. Our shipping fees covers not only the shipping, in most cases it also covers customs taxes. There are few countries that our shipping fees don't include custom taxes. Verreal actually doesn't make money from the shipping fees. All the shipping fees will be handed to our shipping partners.

 Also think about this. International shipping is expensive in itself. Shipping 11.5 kilograms internationally is never gonna be cheap, let alone with a big battery(144Wh 4Ah) inside.

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