Shipping Arrangements for Spring Festival 2020

Shipping Arrangements for Spring Festival 2020

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Chinese lunar new year falls on Jan 24. The entire country will take a 2-week holiday for it. Most of people starts their holiday as soon as Jan 10. Well, Verreal electric skateboards starts our holiday on Jan 18.

As for the orders placed before and after we leave for spring festival, we made the following arrangements.Order placed before and on 17 Jan, we will ship on Jan 18;Order placed after 17 Jan, we will ship after we come back on Feburuary 1.


Best Offer Ever In order to make up for the long wait for their orders, we will give the lowest prices ever for Verreal boards from Jan 18 through Feburary 1.  Verreal electric skateboards wish each and everyone of you a very prosperous and healthy year of 2020. Happy skateboarding and safe skateboarding, forks.


Feb 3 Notice:

Due to the novel corona virus situations and the traffic restrictions put in place because of it, we are unable to keep our promise of shipping on Feb 1. Because our local governments cut off almost the roads and highway entrances. But don't you guys worry. Where we live, theres only one case, which is also quite far away from us. All the people who have approached the patient have been seperated and put into quaranteen. In the meantime, there's no report of novel corona virus cases where our factory is located. Therefore, you guys dont worry about the virus. Our workers and us dont carry virus and there's no virus where we make our boards. So the board we deliver will of course not carry any virus. The lowest price offer will continue as an option to make up for our customers' long wait.


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