Statements on Replacement Hubs and Pulleys

Statements on Replacement Hubs and Pulleys

After a long time of redevelopments of hubs and pulleys for all terrain wheels, we have managed to ship replacement hubs and pulleys for the following orders.

We have shipped the following:


2872                      2877                            2878

2881                      2883                            2892

2894                      2895                            2896

2901                      2904                            2911

2912                      2913                            2926

2927                      2928                            2929

2930                      2937                            2938



Tracking numbers for these orders will be sent to customers right away. We apologize for the lengthy wait. The rest of previous AT wheel customers will be sent replacement hubs and pulleys in the next few days.


We will also make a video on how to install these replacement hubs and pulleys with your previous tubes and tyres and put it on YouTube.


Happy Skateboarding and Safe Skateboarding.



Verreal Team

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