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Updates on Verreal RS off road version

Updates on Verreal RS off road version

If you follow us on Facebook page or Instagram, you will probably know that we have put over a year's efforts on Verreal RS electric skateboard. That is why Verreal RS electric skateboard receives very good reviews and feedback once released. Whoever rides a RS will be impressed with its great power and its smooth control. 

Verreal RS has used very solid trucks, big motors and large battery packs. These all got great potential for off road use. So we have this plan since the day one, to make an off road RS. 

However, the developments for off road wheels have not gone as expected. We opened molds for wheel core of off road wheels. We didnt succeed with the first mold factory. They returned us money and we turned to our second mold factory. It was also a grind for our second mold factory. They did not succeed in his first try. Because we have very high standard for this wheel core. They tried more than ten times to have a successful sample. 

Now we have 20 sets of wheel cores in our partner's possession. We will use them to make 20 sets of all terrain kits. We have chosen three of our customers to test and review this all terrain kit. The rest of these will be also given to our customers for test and reviews. Customers dont have to pay for them. All we need them to do is to make a honest detailed review video of the all terrain kit and put it up on YouTube. We will choose these lucky customers in a live stream next week. Please stay tuned. We will give the date for live stream on our facebook group and instagram. 

Stay Tuned. And Happy Verreal Riding. 

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