Verreal F1 is the best and safest board on the markets now. Here's why.

Verreal F1 is the best and safest board on the markets now. Here's why.

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There are a lot of different questions to consider when you’re going to buy an electric skateboard. Everything from looks, to safety, to price makes a major impact on what one to buy. This is especially true when it comes to getting the best budget electric skateboard on the market. Many will look for something that fits within a budget, but they also have to think if it’s the safest electric skateboard. After all, there’s no point in buying a cheap electric skateboard if it’s going to end up hurting you within days, sometimes even leaving permanent injuries. However, then you come to the likes of the Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard, and it makes you think about whether or not you want to buy it.

From a cursory glance, it can seem like it’s just another high-end, quality electric skateboard. However, once you really dig into the Verreal F1 electric skateboard, it’s features can begin convincing you that it’s one of the best budget electric skateboards on the market. But what exactly is it that makes it so different, and even better than most of its competition? And if it’s the best budget electric skateboard, how exactly does it compare to more expensive ones? Or is it a case of you get what you pay for? While those are great questions, its features tend to speak for themselves, and rival even some of the best electric skateboards on the market. So, they’re worth taking a look at.

First, let’s talk about safety; after all, a lot of manufacturers claim they have the safest electric skateboard on the market, but very few can actually back it up with results and features. The Verreal F1 electric skateboard, on the other hand, has a number of features to ensure that it’s one of the safest electric skateboards currently on offer. For one, it’s got a slight drop on the nose of the deck, as well as on the back. Coupled with the fact that there’s a concave on both sides of the board, and you’ve got a board that can essentially lock your feet into position. This makes sure that you won’t slip on the board, and minimises any kind of accidents related to foot positioning. It also helps riders have a more stable ride than other electric skateboards.

On top of that, it’s got a gradual breaking curve, so riders won’t be thrown off the skateboard when they’re breaking. Unfortunately, that’s something that’s really common among skateboarders, whether they’re using an electric skateboard or not. The only drawback here is that if you need to stop immediately, it might not happen, as you’ll need a few feet to stop. However, that’s just a small price to pay for safety. Speaking of breaking, you get your battery recharged when you are braking. Isn’t that cool? This is one of the unique features that the Verreal F1 actually has. This ties in nicely to the gradual breaking curve, as – since you’ll be breaking for longer – you’ll also be charging your battery for longer than normal.

Next up is the replaceable Urethane solution, which are pretty unique to the Verreal boards. Many of the budget electric skateboards need their Urethane solution changed pretty regularly, which means maintenance bills on your electric skateboard can get pretty high pretty quickly. However, one of the key features of this particular electric skateboard is the fact that it can replace half a motor with a rotor. On top of this, it performs well enough to the extent that it doesn’t produce vibrations and deform like most budget electric skateboards’ PU sleeves. All told, that means that running the Verreal F1 electric skateboard will cost a fraction of most of its competitors. So, while it’s one of the best budget electric skateboards to buy in a store, it’s also one of the most affordable ones to keep running for a number of years.

Now, we’ll focus on the enclosure for battery and ESC; Aluminium Alloy Casing. The fact that it’s made from aluminium means that the casing is a whole lot more resistant to damage than most competitors’ plastic cases. Couple with the excellent construction, and you’ve got an electric skateboard that’s almost unbreakable. However, this does come with one small drawback. When some manufacturers use aluminium in their electric skateboards, it can interfere with the signal connection of the ESC. This is normally because the metal casing is hard for the signal to transmit through. Once the signal connection is interfered, your remote may disconnect with the board, which puts riders in the harm’s way. However, the Verreal F1 electric skateboard add a big antenna inside the casing to counteract the interference and enhance the signal connection, so that the ESC performs to a high standard, and there’s no connection issues because of the aluminium casing.

On top of this, the ESC is well sealed, so there’ll be almost no issues when it comes to it performing as well as it should have. With all that in mind, is it really a wonder that it’s one of the best budget electric skateboards you can find? On top of being one of the safest electric skateboards on sale? Sure, it’s more affordable than many other types of electric skateboard, but affordability isn’t something to laugh at. Affordable doesn’t always mean cheap, and with the likes of the Verreal F1 electric skateboard, affordable can also mean high quality.

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