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Verreal V1, A Choice You Won't Regret

Verreal V1, A Choice You Won't Regret

Electric skateboards used to cost around $1500 bucks once upon a time. But advancement in technology has made it possible to manufacture an electric skateboard for much less.

Verreal Electric Skateboard has recently launched their Verreal V1 electric skateboard which while being a cheap electric skateboard, does not compromise on quality.

There are a variety of electric skateboards available in the market at this time, but Verreal is well on its way to capturing hearts and markets everywhere.

Unlike other electric skateboard companies, Verreal understands the needs of its customers and believes in fulfilling it. This belief helped them in creating the revolutionary Verreal V1 electric skateboard.

What Is The Verreal V1?

Verreal V1 is an electric skateboard with replaceable urethane wheels. Other electric skateboards available in the market require you to completely replace the hub motor every time the urethane of your wheel gets damaged. On the other hand, Verreal V1 is designed in such a way that you do not have to replace the whole hub motor and can simply replace the damaged urethane with a new one.

What Is Urethane And Why Does It Matter?
Polyurethane or Urethane is the material with which the wheels of a skateboard are made from. It is an extremely durable material which makes it ideal for making skateboard wheels for both normal and electric skateboards. 

Like the wheels of a normal skateboard, the urethane of an electric skateboard faces wear and tear over time and requires replacement after regular use. But unlike a regular skateboard, an electric skateboard utilizes a hub motor to power its wheels, which means that you will have to replace a perfectly fine hub motor just to replace the urethane. Simply put, you will end up paying a lot more to maintain your electric skateboard as hub motors do not come cheap.

How Is The Verreal V1 Different From Other Electric Skateboards?

Other electric skateboards have the Urethane attached to the hub motor and every time the urethane gets damaged, they require costly replacements as the hub motor has to be replaced along with the urethane. 

However, with Verreal electric skateboards, the user has to replace only the damaged urethane and not the hub motor. This means that you save money which you can use to accessorize your skateboard.

There are a few skateboard companies that provide replaceable wheel PU, but they aren’t designed as efficiently as the Verreal electric skateboard. This means that the urethane of such skateboards will get damaged more often and cost the user in the long run.

Why Should You Consider Verreal V1 Over Other Skateboards? 

Verreal V1 is designed with the user in mind. Our company designed the Verreal V1 as an alternative to costly electric skateboards so that you can enjoy the thrill of riding an electric skateboard while paying only a fraction of the price.

Also, the replaceable polyurethane wheel is designed so that the user can ride the electric skateboard for longer durations, without having to worry about replacing the wheel at frequent intervals.

While there may be other electric skateboards available in the market which are similarly priced to the Verreal V1, buying such skateboards will cost you a lot more money for repair and maintenance in the long run.

In other words, whether you are an experienced skateboarder who’s thinking about upgrading to an electric skateboard, or completely new to skateboarding, Verreal V1 is going to be a choice you won’t regret. 

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