Verreal V1 - Best Electric Skateboard Under 500 Dollars

Verreal V1 - Best Electric Skateboard Under 500 Dollars

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In the recent past, electric skateboards have been costing around $1500 bucks. However, the current advancement in technology has made it possible for one to purchase skateboards for less. The Verreal V1 electric skateboard was recently launched by Verreal Electric Skateboard and although it is being sold at a far cheaper price than how electric skateboards used to cost, its quality is quite high and classic. Various varieties of electric skateboards are currently available in the market, but Verreal has come to capture and win the hearts of many people who have been interested in this new product.

The need and desire to understand and fulfill the needs of its customers helped Verreal company to come up with Verreal V1 electric skateboard. The uniqueness of this company is that it understands and values the needs of its customers, as opposite to many other electric skateboard companies targeting the same customers.

But what do we mean by Verreal V1?
This is an electric skateboard whose urethane wheels are replaceable. This is totally different from many other electric skateboards in the market which require complete replacement of the hub motor once the wheels urethane gets damaged. Verreal V1 simply requires the replacement of the damaged urethane only rather than replacement of the entire hub motor.

Urethane and its relevance
Urethane is the material used to make the wheels of the skateboard. This material is extremely durable and it is ideal for making normal and electric skateboards wheels.
Just as the normal skateboards wheels, urethane of the wheels in the electric skateboard gets worn out over time thus requires you to replace it after using it for a certain period of time. The difference between the Verreal V1 electric skateboard and the ordinary one is that the Verreal electric skateboard has replaceable urethanes contrary to those of ordinary electric skateboards. Once the urethanes of the ordinary electric skateboards get damaged, the user is required to buy new hub motors which are very expensive. In other words, you have to spend a lot of money in the maintenance of your electric skateboard due to the high cost of hub motors.

The difference between the Verreal V1 and other Electric Skateboards
Among the distinctive features between Verreal V1 and other electric skateboards available in the market is the price. Most electric skateboards cost up 1499 dollars, which is a lot of money to the customer. It is quite difficult for one to spend such amount of money in purchasing a board. On the other hand, Verreal electric skateboard is very cheap and affordable such that one can get it with as low as 500 dollars.
Another amazing feature with Verreal V1 electric skateboard is that its hub motors contain replaceable urethanes. The urethanes for hub motors in other electric skateboards get worn out very quickly due to fast rotations during the ride. The damaged urethanes require the user to buy new hub motors which are quite expensive as each costs about 60 dollars. This means that replacement of two hub motors requires you to pay 120 dollars, which is a very hefty bill. This is quite different when it comes to Verreal V1 electric skateboard as its package contains an extra pair of replaceable urethanes. This means that you get two pairs of hub motors once you make your purchase. This is because urethanes mostly get damaged during the ride while the hub motors remain almost undamaged.

When you compare Verreal V1 urethanes with other regular urethanes in the markets, you realize that Verreal V1's urethanes are built with a premium bearing in addition to 21 magnets. Together with an L wrench and some screws, they make it easy for dismantling and installation of Verreal V1 urethanes. Such a case does not apply to electric skateboards as these are just slide on structures. 

Reasons to why Verreal V1 skateboards are better than other skateboards
The Verreal V1 skateboard has been designed with an aim of benefiting the user. The company designed it to supplement the expensive electric skateboards so that the user can enjoy the fun of electric skateboard riding at a small reasonable price. 
In addition, the replaceable urethane wheel is designed in such a way that the electric skateboard can be ridden for long period of time without the user getting worried about wheel replacement at regular intervals.
There are other electric skateboards on the market whose price is similar to that of Verreal V1. However, one needs to be careful as such skateboards require a lot of money for repair and maintenance.

The following are some of the features that make Verreal V1 the best electric skateboard:
1. Regenerative braking
Whenever you brake the skateboard, its battery gets recharged. This makes it possible for you to save energy and facilitate longer ride.
2. Smart Turn-On
This feature eliminates the need for the traditional way of bending over to turn on the skateboard. When pushed forward, Verreal V1 skateboard turns itself on.
3. It has a swappable battery
There is a screwdriver that you can use to unscrew the skateboards battery case whereby you can spend less than five minutes swapping the battery pack. You only need to ensure that you get yourself another battery pack in order to enjoy a longer skateboard ride.
4. It has replaceable urethanes
Contrary to other electric skateboards, Verreal electric skateboards urethanes are replaceable. This eliminates the need to replace hub motors in case of urethanes damage. This saves you from the extra hub motor bills. 

In summary, whether you are a beginner or an experienced skateboarder thinking of purchasing an electric skateboard, you won't regret going for Verreal V1 electric skateboard.

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