Verreal V1 Electric Skateboard Reachs Up To 23.4MPH

Verreal V1 Electric Skateboard Reachs Up To 23.4MPH

In the industry of electric skateboards, there are in fact so many exaggerations and lies going on. Some exaggerate about their electric skateboard's top speed while others lie about the ranges of their electric skateboards.

Well, Verreal electric skateboards, since its birth, has been quite honest about its electric skateboards. Tested multiple times by me, Verreal V1 is able to ride 8.7 Miles(14km) at its fast mode and 11 Miles(17.7km) at its slow mode. In terms of Verreal V1's top speed, my highest record is 22.7MPH(36.5KMPH). However, in the following video our friend Dylan rode our Verreal V1 electric skateboard to a top speed of 23.4MPH(37.6KMPH). Now let's watch it.


 Some brands brag about their speed and ranges. We suggest customers be careful with them and make careful comparisons before making your purchases. We have been in this industry for quite some time. We understand the situation pretty good.

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