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Bash Guards for Verreal RS Motors
Bash Guards for Verreal RS Motors
Bash Guards for Verreal RS Motors
Bash Guards for Verreal RS Motors
Bash Guards for Verreal RS Motors

Bash Guards for Verreal RS Motors

Regular price $89.00 $59.00 USD 34% OFF

Material: Aluminum

Color: Black

Whats included:

3* Aluminum Protection Bars

2* Motor Mount Plates

2*Drilled Motor Mount (Up to Your Choices)

1* Screw Set

P.S.: If you are a RS owner, You can check your motor mounts. If they are drilled, you are not gonna need that drilled motor mounts. 

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The guards are good, the price is not, I was surprised when they arrived because I was expecting just the protections, not the complete motor mount plates too, which in my case I do not need them because the stock motor plates in the RS already have the threaded holes to mount the guards, so I think it should be an option to purchase just the protections for a lower price instead of the protections + motor mounts together. Apart from this the quality is really good and they fit perfectly, just be sure to tighten them properly and carry a tool the first rides because they trend to loose


Really good quality with good bolts. I've definitely saved my motors several times and happy to have got them. They double up well for a stand and handle when walking too. Good job Verreal team!

Bash guard

Fits perfectly onto the board. Make sure to use blue loctite as it WILL vibrate loose over time from the motor mounts. There is a video on youtube from Vic if needed instructions to install, but was pretty self explanatory looking at the parts.

Looks Fantastic

Looks really well made, there are no instructions with it, but it's pretty straight forward once you figure out if it sits inside or outside of the motor plates (I'm thinking inside, but I'll confirm once my board arrives and I put it on).

Forget the 7-14 days delivery at the moment; mine arrived on day 36 (Barcelona). But remember, you're buying from China and we are in the middle of a world crisis.

I recommend using thread lock when you put it on your board otherwise I think it'll work its way loose with the vibrations.

All in all, it looks like a quality bit of kit.