Verreal F1 & Verreal F1 Max
Verreal F1 & Verreal F1 Max
Verreal F1 & Verreal F1 Max
Verreal F1 & Verreal F1 Max
Verreal F1 & Verreal F1 Max
Verreal F1 & Verreal F1 Max
Verreal F1 & Verreal F1 Max

Verreal F1 & Verreal F1 Max

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Why Choose Verreal F1 Max?

  1. Unparalleled Stability : The slight drop-down on the nose of the deck and concave on both sides lock the rider's feet in place, making Verreal F1 the most stable and safest board on the market. Thanks to its unmatched stability, you can now enjoy riding the Verreal F1 Max electric skateboard at full speed all the time. What an exhilarating ride!
  2. Silent Hub Motor : Compared to belt-drive motors, these hub motors are much quieter. With Verreal F1 Max beneath your feet, you never have to worry about your board's noise attracting your neighbors' dogs. This also enhances the safety of Verreal F1 Max in various ways.
  3. Largest Battery Pack for Entry Boards : Unlike other entry boards' 4Ah 144Wh battery pack, we provide you with a 10Ah 360Wh Battery Pack. Our battery pack more than doubles the battery capacity of other entry boards. With Verreal F1 Max, you can achieve a range of up to 25 miles/40 kilometers.
  4. Safe and Smooth Electronic Speed Controller : Hobbywing ESCs are renowned for delivering a smooth-as-butter riding experience and the safest brakes. With these ESCs on Verreal F1 Max, you won't have to worry about sudden jolts or unexpected movements when accelerating or braking.
  5. Cloud Donut Wheel Compatibility : Verreal F1 Max is also compatible with Cloud Donut Wheels. You can choose Cloud Donut Wheels for a much better riding experience on less-than-ideal roads.
  6. High Strength and Spacious Enclosure : Verreal F1 Max's enclosure is constructed using high-strength Nylon and Fiber Glass materials. It can withstand hard impacts from large stones on the road without breaking. Moreover, it is spacious enough to accommodate 13S2P 21700 battery cells.
  7. Top-notch Water Resistance Treatment : The enclosures were designed and manufactured to perfectly match the shapes and curves of the deck. Additionally, we have included a 2mm thick silicone gasket to provide further sealing between the enclosure and deck. All the openings, including the power button, charge port, and two motor cable holes, are sealed off using silicone materials.


Product Specs:
1, Hub Motors: Dual, 90mm Diameter, 55mm Wide, 250W Each
Max Motor Power: 500W, Rotational Speed: 2600 Rounds Per Minute
2, Front Wheels:
Bearings: C&U Super Silent Bearings
Wheel Material: PU; Wheel Size: 3.54x2.08 inches (90x54 mm)
3, Electronics Speed Controller
Works With A Sinusoidal Wave Drive And The Hall Sensor To Ensure A Smooth And Steady Ride
Regenerative Brake: The Battery Gets Recharged When You Brake The Board.
4,Battery Pack: 36V 10S2P 10Ah 360Wh Battery Pack Samsung 50E 217000 5000mAh Cells

5, Wireless Remote: 3.7V/400MAH, Micro USB Charging, 1H of Charging Time, 2.4G,Effective Distance: 20 Meters(Open Field)
6, Adaptor & Charger:
Input: 100~240V-50/60Hz 1.8A; Output: 42V 1.5A/2A, UL Certified; IP20
EU,US or AU Standard Plug Depends on Your Destination Country.
7, Deck
Material: Concave; 7 Ply of maple; Max load: 260 pounds (120 kg)
8, Skateboard
Weight: 7.5KGS(16.5Pounds)
Size: 38x9.65x5.5Inch (970x245x140mm)
9, Carton
Size: 38.7x13.7x7.6 inches (980x 300x 185mm)
Gross Weight: 25.35Pounds(12KGS)

Riding Performance: 
1, Range: 25 Miles/40Kilometers 
The Above Data Was Measured By A 150 Pounds Rider Riding at First Speed on Flat Roads No wind with a Full Battery. Please note Verreal doesnot guarantee everyone will reach the advertised range as the range will be affected by a lot of factors such as terrain, wind resistance, battery level, rider weight, battery level etc.

2, Speeds:
    Slow Mode: 20KMPH / 12.4MPH
    Medium Mode: 30KMPH / 18.6MPH
    Fast Mode: 40KMPH / 24.85MPH 

The Above Data Was Measured By A 150 Pounds Rider. Please note Verreal doesnot guarantee everyone will reach the advertised speed as the speed will be affected by a lot of factors such as terrain, wind resistance, battery level, rider weight, battery level etc.

3, Max Hill Climb Angle: 25-30%

What's in the Box: 
1 x Ready-to-Skate Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard
1 x Adaptor and Charger
1 x Wireless Remote & USB Cable
1 x T Wrench 
1 x User Manual
1 x Name Cards 

This board ships from China now. We will send stocks to Germany and California ASAP. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When do you ship my order?
A: We try our best to ship out your order in three working days. It will only be delayed due to the lack of materials and parts.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order?  
A: Yes, you can. But you can only change or cancel your order before it gets shipped out. Because we have no way of getting it back, we do not approve order change or cancelation requests after it is shipped.

Q:How long can I get my board?(From the date it gets shipped to the date you receive it)                                                                                                                United states: 9-12 days.
Europe: 13-17 days.
Canada: 15-20 days.
Australia: 10-13 days.
Western Australia: 12-15 days.
South Korea: 5-7 days.
Japan: Signage 5-7 days in.
Taiwan:  5-7 days.
Singapore: 5-7 days.
West Malaysia: 5-7 days
East Malaysia: 7-10 days.
Vietnam: 7-10 days

Please note that the ongoing trade wars and trade tensions with US and EU may slow down the shipping a little bit.

Q: Can I get a tracking number for my order?                                                   A:Yes, of course! We will fill in the tracking number as soon as we ship out your order. You will receive a shipping notification Email from Shopify.

Q: Why the tracking number shows label created and nothing on FedEx website?                                                                                                                        A: Because Verreal electric skateboards are powered a 144 watt hours battery, which is well over the 99 watt hours limit for airline travel. Express companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS and others won't accept them onboard for international shipping. We are shipping via air freight for the first leg of shipping and via local courier services like FedEx/UPS for the final delivery. The tracking number we give is for the local courier services. So the first leg of shipping is not updated on that tracking number. Only when your parcel reaches destination country and clears customs clearance will the tracking number generate tracking updates.

Q:Do I need to pay for tax?
A: Our shipping prices are inclusive of customs taxes for US, Canada and European countries for purchases of an entire board. Taxes may be imposed and collected by destination country for customers who are from New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea and Japan.

Purchases of skateboard parts may be subject to taxes and customs duties, which are gonna be at buyer's costs. Usually the chances for a part to get imposed for taxes are around 1%.  

Q: Is Verreal board water proof? Can I ride through puddles or on wet/icy surfaces?                                                                                                            A:Verreal boards are not water proof. We recommend our customers stay away from puddles and wet or icy surfaces. Riding through puddles will kill your board. And riding on wet or icy surfaces are extremely dangerous, especially when you brake the board on these surfaces, you are very likely to fall off the board. That is because Verreal boards' wheels are made of polyurethane. It is very smooth. The board will skid out of control on wet or icy surfaces.  

Q: Can I ride in the rain?
A:No, you can't for the sake of your safety. Our board survives a heavy rain for a whole night. It has very strong water resistance. But due to the slippery roads and surfaces in or after the rain, the board would probably skid out of control. So we strongly advise our customers out of riding in the rain. It is also not covered by the warranty. Q: How much weight can Verreal boards hold?
Verreal boards can carry a max weight of 280lbs(150kgs). However, we recommend a max weight of 260lbs(120kgs) and below as the board's performance will get significantly reduced for weight over that.

This board is stocked in Germany warehouse for European customers and in California warehouse for American customers.

We offer free shipping from Germany warehouse and California warehouse for European customers and American customers.

Customers of other countries will have free shipping services by train or by sea. We also offer paid air shipping for customers of other countries.

Verreal will continue to explore chances to set up warehouses in more markets.

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Verreal F1 Max

With 10Ah 360Wh battery pack made of Samsung 21700 5000mAh cells installed inside, Verreal F1 Max is the longest range(20-25miles) hub motor board under 500 dollars.

Durable yet Quiet Motors

These 70KV 90mm Diameter hub motors have undergone rigorous testing on more than 200,000 drive boards, showcasing their immense power and long-lasting durability. Moreover, their exceptional quietness ensures that even your neighbors' dogs remain oblivious to their operation for years to come.

10S Hobbywing Classic ESC

Thanks to the 10S Hobbywing Classic ESC, Verreal F1 Max provides a smooth ride and ensures your safety. Unlike other boards, you won't have to worry about sudden jolts or unexpected movements when accelerating or braking.

Biggest Battery for boards under $500

This 10S2P 21700 10Ah 360Wh battery pack is the largest battery pack for boards under $500. It provides a range of 20-25 Miles.

Cloud Donut Wheel Compatible

Verreal F1 Max is able to swap to cloud donut wheels for better ride feel on less ideal roads.


The construction of this enclosure combines nylon and fiberglass to achieve exceptional strength. In addition, its spacious design can comfortably accommodate 13S2P 21700 batteries.

Local Service Station

In collaboration with our esteemed associate, DonJuan, we provide a wide range of services and repairs in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, located in New York, catering to our valued customers in the United States. Meanwhile, Verreal is actively exploring avenues to extend its service offerings to European customers within Europe and other countries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Carl Robert Evensen
Just bought my second Verreal F1 board, so satisfied!

I bought my first Verreal board back in June 2020, (F1 6Ah) I have to say I love the board so much✨ Used it 3-6 days a week (April-October) for three years now, and still works great! Today I bought my second one (F1 Max 10Ah) Just to make sure I always have a working board in the future! 10/10🙌 (and I haven’t even changed one part on the board in these three years👌)

Jean-Michel Kappel

First longboard ever, best board for the best prices I searched for.

Israel Nyameke
I haven't recieved board

I haven't received the board 50+ days now

Yordan Stoyanov
No board

I did not receive my order!

Most fun I have had in a while!!!

The Verreal F1 Electric Longboard is the best purchase I've made in a while. I used to downhill and cruise around with standard longboards, but this changes everything.

I've instantly accustomed to it and loved it. Haven't stopped riding in the last couple of days!