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Verreal Mini Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard & Longboard ( $20 Off Coupon Code: iDEAL)
Verreal Mini Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard & Longboard ( $20 Off Coupon Code: iDEAL)
Verreal Mini Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard & Longboard ( $20 Off Coupon Code: iDEAL)
Verreal Mini Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard & Longboard ( $20 Off Coupon Code: iDEAL)
Verreal Mini Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard & Longboard ( $20 Off Coupon Code: iDEAL)
Verreal Mini Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard & Longboard ( $20 Off Coupon Code: iDEAL)
Verreal Mini Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard & Longboard ( $20 Off Coupon Code: iDEAL)

Verreal Mini Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard & Longboard ( $20 Off Coupon Code: iDEAL)


Regular price $959.00 $359.00 USD 63% OFF

This Board Can Ship from Toronto for Canadian Customers and From California for American customers.

Product Features:
1, Regenerative Braking: The Battery Gets Recharged When You Brake The Board, which saves up more energy for a longer ride.
2, Swappable Battery: You Can Use a Screw Driver to Unscrew The Battery Case and Swap The Battery Pack in Less Than Five Minutes. So Make Sure to Purchase Another Battery Pack for A Longer Ride.
3, High Performance ESC: This ESC Has Tested on Thousand of Boards and Proven to be a Solid Choice.
4, Alluminum Alloy Casing: Made of Alluminum Alloy, the Casing is very Strong and unbreakable. With an Antenna Built on the ESC and on Remote, Connections are Secure and Steady. You're Never Gonna Lose Signal.
Product Specs: 
1, Hub Motors: Dual Motor, 90mm Diameter, 55mm Wide, 250W Each
Max Motor Power: 500W, Torque: 4N.M, Rotational Speed: 2650 Rounds Per Minute. Urethanes Is High Elasticity and More Durable.
2, Front Wheels: 
Bearings: C&U Super Silent Bearings 
Wheel Material: PU; Wheel Size: 3.54x2.08 inches (90x54 mm) 
3, ESC/Motherboard 
Using Best in Industry Sensored FOC(Field Oriented Control) Motor Control Technologies to Ensure Smooth Startup and Safe Brakes. With Hall Sensor in Place, Our ESC Knows Rotor's Exact Positions and Thus Can Send Most Accurate Acceleration/Braking Signals to Motors For a Better, Smoother and Safer Ride.
4, High Rate 4.0Ah Battery: 10C Discharging Rate, 40A Continuous Discharging Current, Which Minimizing Battery Sag for the Board 
    6.0Ah Bak Battery: 5C Discharging Rate, 30A Continuous Discharging Current

5, Wireless Remote: Polymer Battery, USB Cable Chargable, 2.4G, With Direction Switch(Forward & Backward), 3 Speed Modes Available and Battery Indicators.
6, Adaptor & Charger: 
Input: 100~240V-50/60Hz 1.8A; Output: 42V 2A, UL Certified; IP20 
EU,US or AU Standard Plug Depends on Your Destination Country. 
7, Deck
Material: 7 Ply of Canadian maple; Max load: 220 pounds (100 kg) ; With Kicktail
8, Skateboard 
Weight: 7KGS(15.4Pounds) 
Size: 30x9.65x5.5Inch (762x245x140mm) 
9, Carton 
Size: 38.7x13.7x7.6 inches (980x 300x 185mm) 
Gross Weight: 25.35Pounds(12KGS)

Riding Performance: 
1, Range:
High Rate 4.0Ah Battery: 8.7 Miles on Fast Mode, 10 Miles on Slow Mode
6.0Ah Bak Battery: 21-27 Kilometer (13-16 Miles)
2, Top Speed: 40 Kilometers per Hour
3, The Kicktail Gets Turning A Corner So Much Easier.
4, Max Hill Climb Angle: 30%
Note: The Above Data Was Measured By A 150 Pounds Rider. Actual Riding Performance Varies According To Rider's Weight, Terrain, Wind And Battery Level.


What's in the Box:  
1 x Ready-to-Skate Verreal Mini Electric Skateboard 
1 x Adaptor and Charger 
1 x Wireless Remote & USB Cable 
1 x T Wrench 
1 x L Wrench 

1, Verreal Is Not Waterproof. We donot recommend riders ride the board on wet surfaces for the sake of riders' safety. 
2, Beware That Verreal Is Controlled By The Remote. So Be Sure To Switch it Off When You Get Off Verreal To Avoid Unwanted Accidents.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
James Delos Santos
Crazy fast, solid build, can’t beat the price!

Ordered mine several months ago and it took at least a couple months if not more to get it. I’d imagine shipping time may be even longer now with the shipping container crisis, so you gotta be patient for sure.

That said, I am very pleased with my purchase. I skateboarded in my teens and this was my first experience with an electric skateboard and let me tell you, this this is fast. Insanely fast. Because the board is so short and power instantaneous, if you don’t have a wide stance (foot at the very front) the front end tends to lift off the ground when you hit the throttle. It’s exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. I’ve fallen a bunch from this but that’s more of a testament to the power.

Haven’t put it through it’s paces in terms of distance but top speed is definitely where it says it is. For a board as short as it is, it’s insane to go that fast.

If you can wait for extended shipping times, this board is hard to beat at this price.

Adam Seymour
Haven’t received order yet

I haven’t received the product yet

John Saunders
verreal short board

does vibrate a little more than my skatebolt, but it's a good all around short board, and it's crazy fast. I weigh 160lbs, so I'm flying.

Phillip Tkhruni
I finally got it.. and have thoughts.

After a long wait, I got the board.. first, I'd like to say I've never been on an electric skateboard before. This is literally my first so I have little to compare to. This is a review from a novice who has only ridden normal skateboards 10+ years ago.

Cons: 1) it's mostly my fault for using the coupon but it took 70 days to arrive. I tried to save some money but over 2 months was a long wait.

2) it's very shaky. I probably need to tighten the trucks and get used to it but I wish it was a little more stable.

3) the vibration is pretty intense. I tested this in the park and can feel every crack and bump I come across. It even felt bumpy on what I thought was smooth pavement.

4) small damage to nose from shipping.. minor but noticable.

1) holly hell it's fast. I fell off twice in "beginner mode". It'll be a long time before I try more speed. I can't imagine anyone going full speed on this thing. It's terrifying

2) Feels like good quality and everything worked well for my first 2 mile ride.

3) the remote is very responsive. Each time I fell off (4 in total) I was able to stop the board quickly and have it come back. Maybe this is a little bit of a con cause it jerks so hard but I'm just glad it reacts to my input.

I'm happy with the buy but it'll take me a while to get used to this. It's such an odd feeling.

Please wear a helmet.

Ricardo Luna
I am still waiting for it

I am sorry about the 3 stars, but i chose it to be in the middle ground so it doesn’t affect the overall rating. Sadly I have not received the item to review. Its says 30 to 50 days but it looks like it will be more as I have not received much update. The last update was to tell me that it will be delayed due to covid, which seems to be only affecting this delivery as my other purchases arrived earlier than planned.