Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro
Verreal RS Pro

Verreal RS Pro

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Why Choose the Verreal RS Pro Electric Skateboard?

  1. Enhanced Performance with Bigger 6368 Motors: Our advanced motors allow for quicker acceleration and effortless hill climbing.
  2. Exceptional Ride Experience and Safety with the Best FOC Electronics Speed Controller: The Verreal RS Pro provides a smooth ride and ensures your safety. Unlike other boards, you won't have to worry about sudden jolts or unexpected movements when accelerating or braking. 
  3. Extended Range with a Largest Battery Pack inside: Our 12S3P 50.4V 15Ah 666Wh battery pack offers an impressive range of 28 miles/45 kilometers on street wheels. This is a real-world range, unlike other boards that claim high capacity but fall short. Despite its superior specifications, the Verreal RS Pro electric skateboard is priced at only $799, allowing you to save a significant amount of money. 
  4. Introducing Fast Charging for Your Convenience! The Verreal RS Pro comes equipped with a standard 2.5A charger, but we now offer a separate 6A fast charger. This powerful charger is available for purchase separately. With the 6A fast charger, you can significantly reduce the charging time to just 2-3 hours instead of the usual 6-7 hours. Upgrade your charging experience today!
  5. Experience exhilarating speeds of up to 31MPH/50KMH with the Verreal RS Pro. Thanks to its powerful 12S Battery Pack and 12S Hobbywing ESC, this electric skateboard delivers an incredible level of fun and excitement. Get ready for an adrenaline-filled ride like never before!
  6. Enhanced Maneuverability with Double Kingpin Truck Design: The innovative double kingpin truck design of the Verreal RS enables smooth carving and maneuvering, providing a dream-like riding experience.
  7. Versatile Wheel Compatibility: The Verreal RS is designed to fit almost all wheels available in the market. Whether you prefer cloud wheels, Boosted 105mm wheels, 150mm off-road wheels, or others, you can easily swap them onto the board. 
  8. Convenient Warehousing and Fast Shipping: We have warehouses in Germany and California, USA. For our European customers, we ship from the Germany warehouse with an estimated delivery time of 3-10 days. Likewise, for our American customers, we ship from the California warehouse with a similar estimated delivery time.
  9. Urgent Support Guaranteed! Reach our customer service team on WhatsApp for swift assistance. Expect responses to your WhatsApp messages or Emails within 60 minutes or even sooner!

Product Specs:
Motor: Dual 6368 Belt Motor 1500 Watt*2 170KV 
ESC: Custom 12S High Voltage High Efficiency Hobbywing ESC W/ Hall Sensor and No Speed Limits
Remote:Ergonomic  Hobbywing Remote with 4 Speeds, 2.4G transmission, With Oled Display Screen. Special Feature of Remote ON/OFF to Turn boards ON/OFF.
Brake: Regenerative Brake And Safe Brake. Never Throw You Off.
Battery Packs: 12S3P Bak 21700 5000mAh 15Ah 666Wh Battery Pack
Truck: Forged for durability, Perfect for off road terrains. 13.5inches Truck Wheel to Wheel with Double KingPin 
Pulley: 36T Pulleys for 90mm Orange Wheels;
           40T iWonder Pulleys for 120mm Grey Cloud Wheels.
Belt: (5M-260mm-15mm) for 90mm Orange Wheels
        (5M-275mm-15mm) for 120mm Cloud Wheels
Wheel Options: 90mm Orange Wheels, 97mm Glow Wheels(Comes in Pink & Green),105mm Verreal Wheels, 120mm Cloud Wheels and 150mm Pneumatic Wheels Available. 
(Please Note: If you select 90mm Orange Wheels when you order, You will only receive a complete board with 90mm Orange wheels installed. You will not be sent any of the rest wheels.)

Deck: 7 Ply of Canadian Maple and 2 Ply of Bamboo 
Deck Width: 23.5cm 
Deck Length:92.7cm
Deck Thickness: 1.5cm
Grip Tape: All Black 2mm EVA Foam Grip Tape for Much Better Vibration Absorption
Deck Screws: Much Thicker Screws and Threaded Inserts to Eliminate the breaking
Weight: 10 kg(RS Pro with 90mm Wheels)
               12kg(RS Pro with 120mm Cloud Wheels)
Max Load: 150 kg / 330 lbs 
Top Speed: 45-50KMPH (28-31MPH) 
Real World Range: 50KM(31Miles) On 90mm PU Wheels:
(Andrew Penman, 96KG Big Guy w/ Another 2kg Backpack, Got 52.8Kms in His Range Tests. )
90*62mm Orange Wheels: (Range Number To be Provided, Should be Longer)
Charger: 50.4v, 2.5A Charging Current, Charging Time 6-7H
Hill Climb: 25-30%
Gear Ratio: 1:2.4(90mm Orange Wheels); 1:2.7(120mm Grey Cloud Wheels)
Slow Mode: 18mph (30 km/h) 
Medium Mode: 25mph (40 km/h) 
Fast Mode: 45-50KMPH(28-31MPH)
Pro Mode: 45-50KMPH(28-31MPH) (Faster Acceleration)

Please Note: You Might Receive a  Verreal RS Pro with Flower Deck. You Can Confirm It Through Whatsapp or Email Before You Buy. By Placing Orders, You Agree to this Clause. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When do you ship my order?
A: We try our best to ship out your order in three working days. It will only be delayed due to the lack of materials and parts.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order?  
A: Yes, you can. But you can only change or cancel your order before it gets shipped out. Because we have no way of getting it back, we do not approve order change or cancelation requests after it is shipped.

Q:How long can I get my board?(From the date it gets shipped to the date you receive it)                                                                                                                United states: 9-12 days.
Europe: 13-17 days.
Canada: 15-20 days.
Australia: 10-13 days.
Western Australia: 12-15 days.
South Korea: 5-7 days.
Japan: Signage 5-7 days in.
Taiwan:  5-7 days.
Singapore: 5-7 days.
West Malaysia: 5-7 days
East Malaysia: 7-10 days.
Vietnam: 7-10 days

Please note that the ongoing trade wars and trade tensions with US and EU may slow down the shipping a little bit.

Q: Can I get a tracking number for my order?                                                   A:Yes, of course! We will fill in the tracking number as soon as we ship out your order. You will receive a shipping notification Email from Shopify.

Q: Why the tracking number shows label created and nothing on FedEx website?                                                                                                                        A: Because Verreal electric skateboards are powered a 144 watt hours battery, which is well over the 99 watt hours limit for airline travel. Express companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS and others won't accept them onboard for international shipping. We are shipping via air freight for the first leg of shipping and via local courier services like FedEx/UPS for the final delivery. The tracking number we give is for the local courier services. So the first leg of shipping is not updated on that tracking number. Only when your parcel reaches destination country and clears customs clearance will the tracking number generate tracking updates.

Q:Do I need to pay for tax?
A: Our shipping prices are inclusive of customs taxes for US, Canada and European countries for purchases of an entire board. Taxes may be imposed and collected by destination country for customers who are from New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea and Japan.

Purchases of skateboard parts may be subject to taxes and customs duties, which are gonna be at buyer's costs. Usually the chances for a part to get imposed for taxes are around 1%.  

Q: Is Verreal board water proof? Can I ride through puddles or on wet/icy surfaces?                                                                                                            A:Verreal boards are not water proof. We recommend our customers stay away from puddles and wet or icy surfaces. Riding through puddles will kill your board. And riding on wet or icy surfaces are extremely dangerous, especially when you brake the board on these surfaces, you are very likely to fall off the board. That is because Verreal boards' wheels are made of polyurethane. It is very smooth. The board will skid out of control on wet or icy surfaces.  

Q: Can I ride in the rain?
A:No, you can't for the sake of your safety. Our board survives a heavy rain for a whole night. It has very strong water resistance. But due to the slippery roads and surfaces in or after the rain, the board would probably skid out of control. So we strongly advise our customers out of riding in the rain. It is also not covered by the warranty. Q: How much weight can Verreal boards hold?
Verreal boards can carry a max weight of 280lbs(150kgs). However, we recommend a max weight of 260lbs(120kgs) and below as the board's performance will get significantly reduced for weight over that.

This board is stocked in Germany warehouse for European customers and in California warehouse for American customers.

We offer free shipping from Germany warehouse and California warehouse for European customers and American customers.

Customers of other countries will have free shipping services by train or by sea. We also offer paid air shipping for customers of other countries.

Verreal will continue to explore chances to set up warehouses in more markets.

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Verreal RS Pro

Verreal RS Pro is the top high speed long-range electric skateboard, featuring 12S Higher Voltage Hobbywing ESC, Dual DXW 6368 170kv Motors, and Mega 12S3P 15Ah 666Wh Battery Pack, delivering a 30-mile real-life range on street wheels.

Powerful Motors

The larger size of the 6368 motors allows for more windings and magnets, resulting in increased torque and power output. This higher power enables rapid acceleration and superior hill climbing capabilities. With their enhanced performance, these motors can handle challenging terrains and steep inclines with ease.

12S High Voltage Hobbywing ESC

Thanks to the 12S Higher Voltage Hobbywing ESC, Verreal RS Pro provides a powerful yet smooth ride and ensures your safety. Unlike other boards, you won't have to worry about sudden jolts or unexpected movements when accelerating or braking. Additonally, The Oled remote controller displays the battery level for remote and board, current speed, current trip distance and total distances.

Mega Battery

The 12S3P 15Ah 666Wh Battery is the largest battery pack available for under 1000USD boards. It provides a real-life range of over 30 miles on street wheels.

Wheel Compatibility

Verreal RS Pro comes with 8mm axel trucks, which make the board compatible with almost all the wheels in the community, including 90mm PU Wheels, 97mm LightUp Wheels, 105mm Boosted Wheels, Cloud wheels, 110mm Torqueboard Wheels, All Terrain Wheels and many more.

Aluminum Enclosure

This enclosure is made of aluminum for the main body and plastic materials for two sides to enhance signal transmission.

Local Service Station

In collaboration with our esteemed associate, DonJuan, we provide a wide range of services and repairs in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, located in New York, catering to our valued customers in the United States. Meanwhile, Verreal is actively exploring avenues to extend its service offerings to European customers within Europe and other countries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Fantastic eboard

The board is awesome I couldn’t be happier. Its fast and powerful rides super smooth. The quality is great seems really well built. Range was a little less for me, but I’m hard on the throttle and live in a very hilly area. Does great up steep hills though no problems with lagging or hot motors. Overall a bitchen board worth every cent. I might also mention that customer service was above and beyond. These guys at verreal are on point. You won’t be disappointed if you buy this bad ass board.

Hubert Morneau
So much FUN

This board have an impressive amount of power, allowing me to reach speeds of 40km/h on new asphalt and 35km/h on wide sidewalks with ease and without any safety concerns. I must say, I highly recommend this board based on my experience. Its performance has been exceptional, providing a thrilling yet secure riding experience with the 120mm cloudwheel.

After traveling 450km, I decided to test the range of my board. To my pleasant surprise, it managed to cover a distance of 52km while tackling a 192m incline and 143m descent. I find myself enjoying it every single day, as it gives me an indescribable feeling of joy and excitement with the wind and no effort. It's like I'm endlessly snowboarding down a mountain.

Kevin Cash

Verreal RS Pro

Filip Perski
Perfect board

Best range , acceleration, speed . DKP for best carving. No1 in this price

Nacho S.

I've made my first 100km with my board and it's soo nice for the moment, great torque and speed, battery last very long, around 40km. Sanded the flowers graphic and made it to my taste. Very happy!!