Motor Verreal RS (1 peça)
Motor Verreal RS (1 peça)
Motor Verreal RS (1 peça)
Motor Verreal RS (1 peça)

Motor Verreal RS (1 peça) - Default Title

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Motor Verreal RS 6368 de 1 peça.

Acompanha polia motorizada.

Envio DHL

Notas : Geralmente estes pacotes estão isentos de taxas alfandegárias . No entanto, se houver impostos, os clientes estarão sujeitos a eles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Philippe Duroc
It works well

The order arrive fast, it just had a little struggle to find my adress but I could handle it. The motor works well

Perfect timing

40 days ago i purchased this extra part becuase i love riding so much and i dont want a broken motor to stop me.

Today I was riding at 25kmph in mode 2 when my motor jammed, started smoking and caught fire. I was stranded in extreme heat, got heat stroke, passed out on the ground in the sun, for 50 minutes and was eaten by ants, then was saved by a firend.

Then tonight I was asked to review this product.

Honeslty Motors are hit or miss. Some come broken and others last forever. Definitely keep a spare.

Juan Barrera Avellaneda

Verreal RS Motor(1 piece)