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August 14 Instagram Live Results

August 14 Instagram Live Results

At 9am New York Time on August 14, we did an Instagram Live to introduce Verreal RS off road board. In that live stream, we selected 7 testers for Verreal RS AT Kits.

In that contest, there were the following lovely people who entered by commenting 1 or one in our latest video on Verreal Board YouTube Channel. 

Fred Jr
Eric Weigold
Łukasz Napiórkowski
Kris Nap
Łukasz Kowalski
Krzysztof Napiorkowski
marta napiorkowska
Anna Nap
Jennifer Ellner
Pj Jimeno
Evan Apt
Muddy Cube
Romeo Moldovan
Seeking The Flow State
Mario Villafan
Aaron Ellner
Kris Nowak


We used the following site to pick the 7 winners:


The picking process was overseen by 15 audience. With their witness, we have the following 7 winers:

place #1: aarons627
place #2: martafn74
place #3: NorthEastRider
place #4: Romeo Moldovan
place #5: Anna Nap
place #6: Aaron Ellner
place #7: Jennifer Ellner


We congrat to the above picked winners. Please email us with a screenshot to prove your ownership of the youtube account and your shipping address and phone numbers. We will ship a full kit to you by DHL.

We thank you each and everyone for your continuous supports, help and understanding with Verreal. Stay safe and healthy. We will see you guys soon in another Instagram live.


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  • UXSOMhBmtRalIK

  • Thank you very much, Vic. I`ve mailed the proof for the account. looking forward to testing the kit.

    Romeo Moldovan

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