1, Please abide by local laws and regulations.

The legality of electric skateboards varies by country, state or province, and city. In many cases, electric skateboards are not a legally defined device, and may fall under regular skateboarding or other personal electric mobility device laws. Always ensure that you're complying with all local laws before purchasing and riding your electric skateboard.

2, Know the Risks and Dangers

You should understand the inherent risks of skateboarding and that you actually totally and unequivocally waive all your rights (personal injury, property damage, everything) against LycaonBoard by purchasing one of our products. 

3, Read User Manual

While we make every possible effort to make our boards as safe as possible, no machine is immune from malfunction. We highly recommend you to read through the user manual to gear up for the wonderful ride. 

4, At Your Own Risks

Your rides of our boards is at your own risk. You will be solely responsible for (and Verreal Board disclaims) any and all loss liability or damages resulting from your use of our products, including loss of life, personal injury, or the loss of or damage to the computer, mobile device, and all other property.