Downhill Riding

Downhill Riding

Recently, I have been riding the Verreal F1 electric skateboards a lot. I was riding the Verreal F1 electric skateboard down a slight hill the other day with a fully charged up battery. The battery was fully charged and I didn't ride the board  on the flats. 

So I had the braking fail on me when I tried to brake the board downhill. The remote lights were flashing “○●●○” or “●●●●” In my case, the braking doesn't work. Therefore, I turned the board and the remote off and restarted them. Then I rode the board on the flats. In that situation, everything works perfect. The acceleration and braking works fine. 

I went to the ESC specs sheet and found the descriptions for the downhill riding. Let's take a look.

Overcharge (when going downhill with a fully charged battery)
In principle, going downhill with a fully charged battery is prohibited, because the battery will be charged when braking during the going-downhill process, so going downhill with a fully charged can shorten the service life of the board battery or even cause accidents like an explosion or a fire. The user needs to consume some power before going downhill. If some user violates the rule and goes downhill with a fully charged battery, the remote will vibrate and the board power indicator flashes in this way “○●●○” or “●●●●” when ESC detects the battery voltage is too high. If the user continues to go downhill, the board will brake automatically to prevent user from doing that. This method can only protect the battery to a limited extent and cannot 100% guarantee for the battery safety.

Usually we told our customers that braking may malfunction in downhill riding situation with fully charged up battery. But this is not very common. It is rare. But this is true to our Verreal V1S. I rode the Verreal V1S many many times downhill with fully charged up battery. I didn't experience this issue once. But with Verreal F1 electric skateboards, it happened on my first try. So be sure not to try downhill riding on any electric skateboards with hobbywing ESC. It may get you hurt. Verreal riders, please be sure to avoid that. 

Happy riding. Safe riding. 

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  • Tony Steer

    Good Tip Vic, I must remember this! Its not just Verreal boards either – most are like this.

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