How to maintain your batteries' life

How to maintain your batteries' life

Hey Verreal riders. It's been a long time. Vic and your other friends at Verreal are celebrating our 7 day China National Day Holiday. So if we get you replies late, please excuse us. We are trying to email you guys all back in the evening. 

This blog post is to talk about how you should maintain your battery. Not sure you guys know, we use Japan made battery cells for our Verreal F1 6.4Ah and Verreal F1 8.4Ah. Technically speaking, Japan made battery cells are better than Korea made and China made battery cells. This is demonstrated on the charge/discharge cycles. Korea made and China made battery cells advertise themselves being 500 cycles. This might be the maximum cycles you can get from it. Most of the times, you get a little below that. But for Japan made battery cells, you always get surprises. They say 500 cycles. Probably, you are gonna end up over 500. That's why we would go for Japan made battery cells, to give you the best possible even if it means we increase a few bucks at our costs. 

Back on the charge/discharge cycles of the battery, advertising 500 cycles doesn't just mean you will get 500 cycles. If you don't pay enough attention to the battery maintence, you may not get that much. So here let's talk about how to maintain the battery.

You want more charge/discharge cycles, you must avoid the following situations:

1, Riding downhill when the battery is fully charged up. It will hurt the life cycles of your battery a lot. Right thing is to ride a few hundred meters on the flat ground. 

2, Leave the battery total flat out for a long time of no use. You should charge it up regularly even if you don't ride it. 

3, Don't ride the board until the hub motor no longer spins. It will also hurt the battery. 

4, Don't get the battery wet. 

If you pay attention to all those things, your battery should be good. 

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