On the Hub Motor Screws

On the Hub Motor Screws

A while ago, we received a few reports of the hub motor screws slipping away from their holes. So we had some in depth talks with our hub motor suppliers and found a way to solve it. In order to stop the hub motor screws from slipping away from their holes, we injected some glue into the holes and then get the screws in. So the screws will stay in there for much longer and shall not get out. 

So right now the hub motors that are installed with our boards are much less likely to have the screws out of the hub motors. In this blogpost, we also suggest our customers do not unscrew the hub motor unless the hub motors are somehow malfunctioning. Because with the glue inside, it is very hard to unscrew the hub motors and the screws are much more likely to get stripped with a lot of force put to unscrew the hub motors. 

But this doesn't mean the hub motors cannot be unscrewed. After a few months of riding, the glue performances decrease a little bit. It is getting a lot easier to unscrew the hub motors than when you first get them. Please be aware that once the hub motor screws get stripped, the hub motor urethane may not be able to replaced. So please do not try to unscrew them when the board is brand new and functioning perfectly.

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