Verreal F1 after over 2000 kilometers

Verreal F1 after over 2000 kilometers

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If you happen to follow our Instagram or YouTube channel, you know Vic is a very avid rider. In order to see which part will fail in the first 1000 kilometers, Vic took a brand new Verreal F1 electric skateboard and rode it for 1000 kilometers. That challenge lasted somewhere around 15 days. He posted proof on our Instagram. First few days, he rode it  After that challenge, we found the board still rides very strong and robust even though we encountered a bit of issues with the grip tape. It peeled up a little bit after Vic rode it on wet surfaces. The splashed water made the edge of the grip tape less adhesive. So it peeled up.

After that 1000 kilometers challenge, Vic didnot stop there. Instead, he went on riding. Basically, he rides it every day. So far, he's put over 2000 kilometers to it. You probably want to see what the board is like after 2000 kilometers. So here are those photos. The board still rides very well. 

So this is it. It did have some chip on the wheels, but it doesn't affect the riding experience at all. The PU on the wheels is not made to last forever. It is actually the softer, the sooner the wheel gets to chip. Even now the wheels have some chips, we believer another 2000 kilometers is still possible before we need to change into another hubs. With all those 2000 kilometers put on the board, we are very proud to say Verreal F1 is the solidest board on the markets. It is a very reliable choice for people who wants to enter electric skateboard community. 

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