Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard Improvement Record (Updated March 26)

Verreal F1 Electric Skateboard Improvement Record (Updated March 26)

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Samuel James was right. Verreal F1 electric skateboard is the first board that gets us the identity for Verreal boards. Verreal F1 is the board that we get to put our thoughts and ideas into and make it a unique board, a board that rides great and stable. 

This blogpost is to keep track of the improvements we do to make the F1 better. Right now, it is certainly one of the best budget electric skateboards in the markets. But it may not be the best of them. We believe Verreal F1 will win the title of best budget electric skateboard in the world with the nonstop improvements. 

Improvement History:

1, That 8 screws on the both trucks were changed into round headed screws to improve the looks. And that 4 screws on the enclosure were also changed into black color.

2, The packaging is improved significantly for the Verreal F1. The new packaging covers the board completely. The thick foam will protect the board against impact from any direction. Take a look at the packaging and you will see it for yourself.

3 We made some improvements to the Verreal F1 ESC. It now can reach the top speed of 40 kilometers per hour (25 miles per hour). From 38 kilometers per hour to 40, you reap more thrill. (November 4)

4, The four screws for the enclosure have been made longer than before and the screw holes also made deeper than before. All these improvements on the screws and screw holes are made to prevent the enclosure from falling off. We think this is enough to make sure of it. If customers think four screws are not enough, we also drilled another four holes on the deck, but we glued those four holes, which could be easily removed. Extra screws are also given. (November 23)

5, We have improved the water resistence for the Verreal F1 batteries significantly. Wherever water might get in has been glued. (November 27th)

6, Last year we sent Verreal F1 to Paxson Lim for review. In general, he was giving a good review about Verreal F1. In his review article, he said a softer riser pad will help dampen the vibrations when the board takes on rougher roads. We took his advice and put a softer riser pad on Verreal F1. It helps with the vibrations.  (March 26)

7, In the past few months, we received a few reports of our charging port melting. So we made some special improvements on the charging ports. Now this charging port can sustain continuous 3A charging. It is mugh thicker than the previous one. Attached is a photo of it. (August 8)

8, There's also this issue that occured in the past few months, the previously thin cable on the power button of Hobbywing ESC breaks easily. So we also worked with Hobbywing to remake the power button cable, so that it will last a lot longer than with the previous cable. 

We will not stop improving on the board to make Verreal F1 the best and most reliable electric skateboard in the markets. Please stay tuned. Thanks for reading. Happy skateboarding. Safe skateboarding. 

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