(New Year Bliss) Verreal TTRS Electric Skateboards & Longboards
(New Year Bliss) Verreal TTRS Electric Skateboards & Longboards
(New Year Bliss) Verreal TTRS Electric Skateboards & Longboards
(New Year Bliss) Verreal TTRS Electric Skateboards & Longboards
(New Year Bliss) Verreal TTRS Electric Skateboards & Longboards
(New Year Bliss) Verreal TTRS Electric Skateboards & Longboards
(New Year Bliss) Verreal TTRS Electric Skateboards & Longboards

(New Year Bliss) Verreal TTRS Electric Skateboards & Longboards

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Introducing the High-Performance Electric Skateboard: Power, Precision, and Endurance

Why Choose Verreal TTRS?

  1. Exceptional Motor Performance: The Verreal TTRS features dual 5250 Hobbywing Belt Motors, each offering 1500 Watts and 170KV. This powerful setup ensures rapid acceleration and the ability to handle challenging terrains with ease.

  2. Advanced Electronic Speed Control (ESC): Equipped with a custom 12S High Voltage, High Efficiency Hobbywing ESC with a Hall Sensor, the skateboard offers smooth, responsive control and no speed limits, enhancing both safety and the thrill of riding.

  3. Superior Battery Capacity: With a 12S4P Bak 3000mAh 12Ah 532.8Wh battery pack, the TTRS provides a substantial real-world range of 40KM (25 Miles), making it ideal for both short commutes and longer rides.

  4. Robust and Versatile Design: The skateboard’s deck is crafted from 7 Ply Canadian Maple and 2 Ply of Bamboo, offering durability and flexibility. The all-black 2mm EVA foam grip tape adds to the comfort and control during rides.

  5. Speed and Safety Combined: With top speeds of 45-50KMPH (28-31MPH) and a regenerative braking system, the TTRS balances exhilaration with safety.

  6. Convenient Charging and Great Hill Climbing: A reasonable charging time of 6-7 hours for a full battery and a hill climb capability of 25-30% make it a practical choice for daily use.

  7. Customization and Portability: Weighing 10 kg and offering a max load of 150 kg, the TTRS is both portable and sturdy. It’s also customizable with different wheel options for a personalized riding experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Motor: Dual 5250 Hobbywing Belt Motor, each offering 1500 Watts and 170KV.
  • ESC: Custom 12S High Voltage, High Efficiency Hobbywing ESC with Hall Sensor and no speed limits.
  • Remote Control: Ergonomic Hobbywing design with 4 Speed Modes, 2.4Ghz transmission, and an OLED display.
  • Braking System: Features Regenerative and Safe Brake technologies to ensure stability and safety.
  • Battery Packs: 12S4P Bak 3000mAh 12Ah 532.8Wh for extended range and durability.
  • Truck: 13.5-inch Forged Trucks, ideal for off-road terrains, with Double KingPin for superior control.
  • Wheels: 36T Pulleys for 90mm Orange Wheels; comes with a 5M-260mm-15mm belt.
  • Deck: Composed of 7 Ply Canadian Maple and 2 Ply of Bamboo; Dimensions: 23.5cm Width, 92.7cm Length, 1.5cm Thickness.
  • Grip Tape: All Black 2mm EVA Foam for optimal vibration absorption.
  • Construction: Equipped with thicker screws and threaded inserts to prevent breakage.
  • Weight & Load: 10 kg with 90mm Wheels; Max Load: 150 kg / 330 lbs.
  • Performance: Top Speed of 45-50KMPH (28-31MPH), with a real-world range of 40KM (25 Miles).
  • Charging: 50.4v, 2.5A; Full charge in 6-7 hours.
  • Hill Climb: Capable of 25-30% gradient climbs.
  • Speed Modes: Slow (18mph/30 km/h), Medium (25mph/40 km/h), Fast & Pro (45-50KMPH/28-31MPH) with faster acceleration in Pro Mode.

Shipping Estimates:

  • Air Ship: 10-25 Days After Shipping
  • Truck Ship: 25-35 Days After Shipping
  • Train/Sea Ship: 40-70 Days After Shipping

Additional Features:

  • Extra Wheels: Includes pulleys and belts for easy customization.

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Featuring a 12S Hobbywing High Voltage ESC, Dual Hobbywing 5255 Motors and a 12S4P 18650 12Ah 518Wh battery pack, Verreal TTRS is your best entry board for belt drive system.


The Hobbywing 5250 motors are compact yet powerful, delivering equivalent if not greater power compared to DXW 6368 motors. However, these Hobbywing 5250 motors boast greater durability and maintain a significantly lower malfunction rate.


With the 12S Hobbywing High Voltage ESC, the Verreal TTRS delivers a powerful yet smooth ride, ensuring your safety along the way. Unlike other boards, you won't have to fret about sudden jolts or unexpected movements when accelerating or braking. The OLED remote controller conveniently displays the battery level for both the remote and board, current speed, current trip distance, and total distances covered.


The enclosure boasts an aluminum main body and plastic sides, enhancing signal transmission. Aluminum construction aids in dissipating heat generated by the ESC and battery for optimal performance.


Teaming up with our esteemed associate, DonJuan, we offer a diverse array of services and repairs in the lively borough of Brooklyn, New York, serving our valued customers throughout the United States. Meanwhile, Verreal is actively seeking opportunities to expand its service offerings to European customers within Europe and other nations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Magdalena Trnkova

(Black Friday) Verreal TTRS Electric Skateboards & Longboards

Mark Proper
Really nice board

Really nice board, i love to ride. Really stable board, wide trucks, which i love. I allready reached 43km/h, and im pretty heavy so this is really powerfull board

Tre Richmond

This is a great board for the price it’s literally the definition of excellent.

David Ramos
David R. - TTRS Review

Great mileage and speed for my use - city commutes and town cruising that is - and it keeps up with traffic. Hefty, but just enough so to carry around and long enough to strap things on deck. No problems so far, and carving feels great with the board.

Alejandro Cuellar Parreño
Great experience.

I've done around 150km since I've got it and have to say that riding is so smooth and confortable. Top speed is almost perfect, however once the battery starts to run out, tops speed is lower in every gear, even so, is great. I am very happy with the board and would recommend it to everybody.