NEW ESC(For Verreal V1S)

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1, Regenerative Braking: The Battery Gets Recharged When You Brake The Board, which saves up more energy for a longer ride.

2, Smart Turn-On: Verreal Electric Skateboard Turns Itself On When Pushed Forward. Goodbye to Traditional Way of Bend-Over-To-Turn-On. 

3, Better Braking: Verreal has readjusted its braking system. When you brake, the board will receive the softer braking power for the first few seconds and after that, the board has slowed down to a slower speed. Then the board will put stronger braking power to stop the board. This way of braking is so much safer. 
4, Speed Modes:

4 speed modes available 
1st mode 16 KMPH/10MPH
 2nd mode 27 KMPH/16.8MPH
3rd mode 42 KMPH/26MPH
4th mode 42 KMPH/26MPH

Notes: You may buy with a new remote.