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New Oled Display Remote for Verreal RS & F1
New Oled Display Remote for Verreal RS & F1
New Oled Display Remote for Verreal RS & F1

New Oled Display Remote for Verreal RS & F1


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Battery Capacity: 3.7v/400mAh

Charging Interface: Mircro USB

Charging Time: 1H

Communication Mode: 2.4G

Distance of Remote Control: 40 Meters(Open Field)

Works on Verreal RS and Verreal F1

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Customer Reviews

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It's is a pretty good remote

There isnan area needing improvement. The remote should be able to turn the board on from it being in the off position that would be better then needing to press and hold the power button at the same time as having to hold the power button on the remote both to pair and turn on both devices. Another area that needs to have additional efforts is the wheel pulleys for the 150mm wheels . They should be made out of cast or cnc aluminum alloy like you do for the other sizes of wheel pulleys and they need it more then the other smaller sized wheel pulleys because of the lack of supports inside the wheels center what happens is the larger wheel pulley develops flat spots in 4 place and it goes from initially being round to becoming square in its shape because the plastic deform under the stresses it's put under over time. This causes obvious issues of safety and handling die to going from a wheel to a square I shape is a step backwards in wheel technology from today back to the time of cavemen trying to make something roll on square cubes rather then round wheels. Also this cause belt wear and slippage. Please make all your wheel pulleys wither better and out of plastic or the best option and what you have been championing thus far is to continue with making them out of aluminum or even a cheaper white metal that can handle the stresses.

does what it's supposed to do

I broke my original so ordered a replacement, (long press to pair +5 seconds). It works just like the original, 21 days from ordering to arrive in Barcelona.

I've never had a problem with the remote losing contact, my only criticism would be it needs a bigger battery, it's generally done in about 20 miles and my board will go 30 miles but not a big deal, I keep a charger in my backpack so it's a good excuse to take a break 😁

Kevin Samuel

New Oled Display Remote for Verreal RS & F1

That's a very unprofessional

Almost a month and am begging to get a tracking number from customer service ordered a remote and a battery the battery bought from website was out of stock and downgrade to a smaller battery they didnt offer to refund but it's ok as I want my order so badly but comeon I asked for a very simple thing end of this week will take this case to PayPal

Michael Wisdorf

Best board I've ever had the pleasure of riding. Customer service is A+++++!!!! Vic lives to ride and it definitely shows the moment you get on this thing! Everyone I've taken out on a ride so far is now purchasing one! Lol. Absolutely ZERO regrets!