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Verreal RS Electric Skateboards & Longboards

Verreal RS Electric Skateboards & Longboards

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90mm PU Wheels
90mm PU Wheels
105mm Mad Wheels V2
105mm Mad Wheels V2
105mm Grey Clouds
105mm Grey Clouds
150mm Pneumatics
150mm Pneumatics
2 in 1 (105mm Cloud Wheels +150mm Pneumatics)
2 in 1 (105mm Cloud Wheels +150mm Pneumatics)
2 in 1 (105mm Mad Wheels + 150mm Pneumatics)
2 in 1 (105mm Mad Wheels + 150mm Pneumatics)
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Verreal RS Electric Skateboards & Longboards

Verreal RS Electric Skateboards & Longboards

Regular price $799.00
Regular price $799.00 Sale price $1,179.00
SAVE 32% Sold out
Bash Guards for Verreal RS Motors

Bash Guards for Verreal RS Motors

$55.20 $99.00
Carrying Handle for Skateboard

Carrying Handle for Skateboard

$23.99 $29.99
New Oled Display Remote for Verreal RS, RS Pro, F1 & Mini

New Oled Display Remote for Verreal RS, RS Pro, F1 & Mini

$36.00 $99.00
  • Totally Love this board

    I’ve had my verreal RS for almost a year now and I’ve put over 1200km on it and never once had any issue.This board is super solid looks great and it’s definitely worth picking up. Love this board so much I’m starting to consider picking up a second one.

    Mekel Samuel
  • Awesome board!

    I've comes from plethora of boards including Onewheel and EUC. The RS is really worth the money and coupled with the Mad V2 wheels, it's the best for carving and
    street rides. Support from Vic and teams are really top notch

    Arie Ramadhatus
  • Outstanding Value

    I am shredding the miles of pavement.
    This board pulls up hills without a bit of problem

    Four speeds so far I have about 40 miles on the board and haven’t tried the top speed.
    Amazing value

    Grant Rider

    Product Specification

    Discover the Verreal RS Electric Skateboard – A Blend of Power, Performance, and Versatility

    Why Verreal RS Stands Out:

    • Robust Performance: Equipped with larger 6368 motors for rapid acceleration and seamless hill climbing.
    • Smooth and Safe Rides: Features the best FOC Electronics Speed Controller, ensuring a jolt-free and safe riding experience.
    • Unmatched Range: Boasting the largest 10S4P 42V 20Ah 720Wh battery pack in the market, the Verreal RS offers an impressive real-world range of 31 miles/51 kilometers on street wheels. Priced at just $699 (90mm PU Wheels), it combines superior performance with affordability.
    • Agile Maneuverability: The double kingpin truck design ensures smooth carving and easy maneuvering.
    • Universal Wheel Compatibility: Fits almost any wheel in the market, including cloud wheels, 105mm wheels, and 150mm off-road wheels for easy customization.

    Efficient Logistics and Support:

    • Fast Shipping: Warehouses in Germany and California, USA, ensure a swift delivery within 3-10 days, whether in Europe or America.
    • Responsive Customer Service: Our team is available on WhatsApp for urgent support, promising replies within 60 minutes.
    • Service Station: We team up with a seasoned esk8 repairman and set up a service station in Broklyn, New York for American customers. We will continue to find partners for service needs in other countries and regions.

    Specifications at a Glance:

    • Motor: Dual 6368 Belt Motors (1500 Watt*2, 170KV)
    • ESC: Custom Hobbywing ESC with sensor technology
    • Remote: Ergonomic Hobbywing Remote with 4 Speeds and OLED Display
    • Brake: Regenerative and Safe Brake System
    • Battery: 10S4P 21700 20Ah Mega Battery Pack (720Watt Hours)
    • Truck: Durable 13.5-inch Forged Truck with Double KingPin
    • Wheel Options: Multiple, including 90mm Orange Wheels, 97mm Glow Wheels, and 150mm Pneumatic Wheels
    • Deck: 7 Ply Canadian Maple, 2 Ply Bamboo; Dimensions - 23.5cm Width, 92.7cm Length
    • Weight and Load: 10 kg with 90mm Wheels, 12 kg with 120mm Cloud Wheels; Max Load 150 kg / 330 lbs
    • Performance: Top Speed of 40-43KMPH, Range of 50+KM/31+Miles
    • Charging: 3A Current, 5-7H Charging Time

    Special Note:

    • Wheel selection determines the setup delivered.
    • Possibility of receiving a board with all-black grip tape; confirm via WhatsApp or Email before purchasing.

    Experience a new level of skateboarding with the Verreal RS Electric Skateboard. Order now for an unparalleled blend of speed, range, and riding comfort!

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    Verreal RS

    Best Affordable Long Range Electric Skateboard under $700

    Powerful & Durable Motors

    The Verreal RS Electric Skateboard features larger 6368 motors, allowing for faster acceleration and effortless hill climbing.

    Biggest Battery

    Boasting the largest 10S4P 42V 20Ah 720Wh battery pack in the market, the Verreal RS offers an impressive real-world range of 31 miles/51 kilometers on street wheels. Priced at just $699 (90mm PU Wheels), it combines superior performance with affordability.

    Hobbywing ESC

    Our board is equipped with the best FOC Electronics Speed Controller, ensuring a smooth ride and prioritizing safety. With the Verreal RS, you can accelerate seamlessly and brake securely. Unlike other boards, there's no need to worry about sudden jerks or being sent flying when riding or braking.

    Versatile Wheel Compatibility

    The Verreal RS is designed to accommodate a wide range of wheels available in the market. Whether you prefer cloud wheels, Boosted 105mm wheels, 150mm off-road wheels, or others, our skateboard can easily adapt to your wheel preference.

    Robust Power

    The Verreal RS Electric Skateboard features high-quality 6368 motors, engineered for both performance and longevity. These robust motors are designed to withstand regular use, providing consistent power output for faster acceleration and efficient hill climbing. Built with durability in mind, they're made to deliver reliable performance ride after ride, making the Verreal RS a dependable choice for electric skateboard enthusiasts.

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    Hobbywing ESC

    The Verreal RS Electric Skateboard integrates Hobbywing's renowned ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), known for its exceptional ride quality. This advanced ESC delivers smooth, precise control, offering a predictable and responsive feel similar to a high-end car's accelerator and brakes. Hobbywing's commitment to quality control results in ESCs with an impressively low defect rate, ensuring riders can depend on consistent, high-performance operation.

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    Longer Fun

    The Verreal RS boasts a powerful 10S4P 42V 20Ah 720Wh battery pack, delivering an impressive 31-mile range. This means less frequent charging and more time enjoying your ride. At $699 (with 90mm PU Wheels), you get:

    1, Confidence for long commutes

    2, Freedom to explore without range anxiety

    3, More riding time, less charging time

    4, Great value for your investment

    Experience the freedom of extended range without breaking the bank. The Verreal RS - go further, ride longer.

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    Why Verreal RS

    Under $700, Verreal RS is the best long range electric skateboard. Period.


    20Ah 720Wh Battery

    31 Miles/ 50 Kilometers Range

    Cost Less than $700

    Fast Response to Customer


      Frequently Asked Questions


      Does the wood insert break? Do I need to purchase screws for the battery enclosure?

      No, those inserts no longer breaks. We have chosen much stronger screws for the enclosure. They are much stronger than previous screws. They never break. You don't need to buy screws any more.


      Is Verreal board water proof? Can I ride through puddles or on wet/icy surfaces? 

      Verreal boards are highly water-resistant but not waterproof. We strongly advise riders to avoid puddles, wet, and icy surfaces. Riding through water can expose electronic components and the battery to moisture, potentially causing malfunctions. Moreover, wet or icy conditions are extremely hazardous, particularly when braking. The polyurethane wheels on Verreal boards offer a smooth ride but provide little traction on slippery surfaces, significantly increasing the risk of losing control and falling.


      Can I ride in the rain?

      For your safety, riding in the rain is not recommended. While our boards have strong water resistance and can withstand overnight heavy rain, wet conditions significantly increase the risk of accidents. Slippery roads can cause the board to skid uncontrollably. We strongly advise against riding in rainy conditions. Additionally, any damage resulting from such use is not covered by our warranty.


      What's the difference between Verreal RS and Verreal RS Pro?

      Verreal RS and Verreal RS Pro share the same motors, trucks, wheels, enclosure, pulleys, and belts. However, these two boards differ in several key aspects:

      1. Battery Pack:
      Verreal RS features a 20Ah 720Wh battery pack with 10S4P 21700 5000mAh Bak cells, whereas Verreal RS Pro opts for a 15Ah 666Wh battery pack with 12S3P 21700 5000mAh Bak cells.

      2. Top Speed:
      Verreal RS operates on a 10S battery at 36V, while Verreal RS Pro utilizes a 12S battery at 43.2V, resulting in a higher top speed. Verreal RS reaches a top speed of 40-42 kilometers per hour (25-26 MPH), whereas Verreal RS Pro achieves a top speed of 49-51 kilometers per hour (28-31 MPH).

      3. Range:
      Verreal RS relies on a 20Ah 720Wh battery pack, whereas Verreal RS Pro's battery pack has a capacity of 15Ah 666Wh. Consequently, Verreal RS can cover about 53 kilometers or 33 miles (with only 90mm PU wheels), while Verreal RS Pro boasts a range of 29.9 miles or 48 kilometers (also with 90mm PU wheels).

      4. ESC (Electronic Speed Controller):
      Verreal RS is equipped with a 10S Hobbywing ESC, while Verreal RS Pro adopts a more powerful 12S Hobbywing ESC, making it stand out in terms of ESC performance.

      5. Charger:
      Verreal RS comes with a 42V 3amp charger, whereas Verreal RS Pro offers a choice between a standard 50.4V 2.5A charger and a faster 50.4V 6A charger.

      6, Remote On/Off

      Verreal RS does not have remote ON/OFF feature whileas Verreal RS Pro has the ability to turn on the board by turning on the remote controller.


      Can I have a all black deck on my Verreal RS?

      Yes you can. Our Verreal RS comes with flower deck by default. But if you want an all black grip tape deck, you can contact us. We can get you an all black grip tape at a cost.


      Do you ship to my country?


      When do you ship my order?

      If we have stock in local warehouses, we ship same day. If we don't, we have to ship from China and this usually takes place two days after the order placed.


      Can I get a tracking number for my order?   

      Yes of course. We will send you a shipping notification email after the order got shipped out. If you don't see it, you can always reach us by whatsapp and emails. We would love to help you .


      Why the tracking number shows label created and nothing more on tracking website? 

      This question is for skateboard orders that got shipped from China. Because Verreal electric skateboards are powered a big battery, which is well over the 99 watt hours limit for airline travel. Express companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS and others won't accept them onboard for international shipping. Therefore, We are shipping via air freight for the first leg of shipping and via local courier services like FedEx/UPS/DPD for the final delivery. The tracking number we give is for the final local courier services. So the first leg of shipping is not updated on that tracking number. Only when your parcel reaches destination country and clears customs clearance will the tracking number generate tracking updates.


      Do I need to pay for tax?

      For electric skateboard purchases, our prices include customs taxes for the US, Canada, and European countries. Customers in New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, and Japan may be subject to additional taxes imposed and collected by their respective countries upon delivery.


      If I select cloud wheels when I order the board, will I also be sent other wheels like 90mm pu wheels?

      No sir. You will only be sent a Verreal RS Pro with cloud wheels installed. No other wheels will be sent unless otherwise stated.


      Stock Counts

      (As of June 28 2024)

      Germany Warehouse

      Verreal RS: 10 boards

      California Warehouse :

      Verreal RS: 10 boards

      Please note that:

      1, Most of our Verreal RS electric skateboards come equipped with 90mm polyurethane wheels right out of our warehouses in California and Germany.

      2, If you order a Verreal RS with different wheels, we'll likely send you a board with the 90mm polyurethane wheels from either our California or Germany location. Then, we'll ship you the full set of wheels you actually ordered separately from our warehouse in China - totally free of charge. So you'll get the board with the standard wheels, plus the wheels you wanted on top of that at no extra cost.

      3,Of course, if we happen to have boards pre-installed with the specific wheels you want, we'll just send you that board directly without any extra wheels included.

      This board is shipping from China warehouse for Australian customers, Canadian customers and customers from other countries and regions.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 136 reviews
      Great Board

      Big Motors, Big Battery, Great performance.
      A little bit heavy ,
      Breaks works very smooth.
      Love it

      Totally Love this board

      I’ve had my verreal RS for almost a year now and I’ve put over 1200km on it and never once had any issue.This board is super solid looks great and it’s definitely worth picking up .Love this board so much I’m starting to consider picking up a second one .

      Gregory Davidson
      Impressive range and fun board to ride!

      I recently purchased the RS 20ah model with MAD 105 wheels. The board with stock 90mm wheels was shipped from California to me also in California in swift timing. I rode the board for about 13 miles with stock wheels but then switched over to the MAD wheels which shortly after receiving the board was shipped over from China.
      I managed to get a total of 30.2 miles using a combination of both wheels. Impressive range for the price of the board! Stock wheels run smooth especially on very smooth surfaces and MAD wheels are more comfortable and run smooth. It's not the fastest board top end but acceleration is good and carves well. Vic, the company owner, communicated very well with me via WhatsApp throughout the entire process, from selecting a board and after receiving the board. Based upon my experience so far I would recommend this board for the price and range it's a good deal!

      oleh kuidan
      I recommend 100%

      I’ll tell you how it is, you won’t find a better electric skate for the money, the quality is good, it looks good, the seller and owner are very sociable and friendly, I recommend 100%

      Зайцев Дмитрий Александрович
      Verreal RS w/ Mads

      Very clear and pleasant acceleration. It rides as smoothly as possible. Due to the low center of gravity, handling is excellent and a pleasure to do. I weigh 60 kg and drove more than 46 km on one charge at a temperature of 12. This is really a huge mileage for its cost. As a result: this very balanced board that is ideal as a first or second board. I highly recommend taking it with Mad wheels.