(LAST 4 BOARDS) Verreal Mini Dual Hub (Available for US and Canada Only)
(LAST 4 BOARDS) Verreal Mini Dual Hub (Available for US and Canada Only)
(LAST 4 BOARDS) Verreal Mini Dual Hub (Available for US and Canada Only)
(LAST 4 BOARDS) Verreal Mini Dual Hub (Available for US and Canada Only)
(LAST 4 BOARDS) Verreal Mini Dual Hub (Available for US and Canada Only)
(LAST 4 BOARDS) Verreal Mini Dual Hub (Available for US and Canada Only)
(LAST 4 BOARDS) Verreal Mini Dual Hub (Available for US and Canada Only)

(LAST 4 BOARDS) Verreal Mini Dual Hub (Available for US and Canada Only)

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LAST 4 Boards Only. Only Available for American and Canadian Customers. Customers of Other Countries Please Do Not Buy. Stock Available in Toronto. 


1Why Verreal Mini? 
1, Best Value for Money
Other ESK8 companies are selling around 389-459 dollars for a dual hub board with Hobbywing ESC and 4Ah 144Wh battery pack. With Verreal Mini, You save up to 90-160 dollars. 

2, Almost Zero Sag
Verreal Mini has a 4Ah 144Wh battery pack that discharges at 10C rate. The higher rate, the less voltage sag. That means even when the board is low on battery, you can still have great power and speed. 

3, Hobbywing ESC:
Hobbywing ESC is known for its reliability and great user experience. With it installed on the board, you can trust your board like the gas and brake pedals on a new car. Smooth and safe. 

4, Portability
The board is 75mm Long and weighs only 7 kilograms. You can carry it in your arms unlike other longboard that you need to bend your body to pull when its out of juice.

5, Kicktail:
Unlike longboards, you donot need to get off Verreal Mini to make a turn. You can step on the kicktail and turn to another direction with ease.

Product Specs: 
1, Hub Motors: Dual Motor, 90mm Diameter, 55mm Wide, 350W Each
Max Motor Power: 500W, Torque: 4N.M, Rotational Speed: 2650 Rounds Per Minute. Urethanes Is High Elasticity and More Durable.
2, Front Wheels: 
Bearings: C&U Super Silent Bearings 
Wheel Material: PU; Wheel Size: 3.54x2.08 inches (90x54 mm) 
3, ESC
Using Best in Industry Sensored FOC(Field Oriented Control) Motor Control Technologies to Ensure Smooth Startup and Safe Brakes. With Hall Sensor in Place, Our ESC Knows Rotor's Exact Positions and Thus Can Send Most Accurate Acceleration/Braking Signals to Motors For a Better, Smoother and Safer Ride.
4, High Rate 4.0Ah Battery: 10C Discharging Rate, 40A Continuous Discharging Current, Which Minimizing Battery Sag for the Board 

5, Wireless Remote: Polymer Battery, USB Cable Chargable, 2.4G, With Direction Switch(Forward & Backward), 3 Speed Modes Available and Battery Indicators.
6, Adaptor & Charger: 
Input: 100~240V-50/60Hz 1.8A; Output: 42V 2A, UL Certified; IP20 
EU,US or AU Standard Plug Depends on Your Destination Country. 
7, Deck
Material: 7 Ply of Canadian maple; Max load: 220 pounds (100 kg)
8, Skateboard 
Weight: 7KGS(15.4Pounds) 
Size: 30x9.65x5.5Inch (762x245x140mm) 

Riding Specs: 
1, Range:
8.7 Miles on Fast Mode, 10 Miles on Slow Mode
2, Top Speed:
25 Miles Per Hour / 40 Kilometers Per Hour
3, Max Hill Climb Angle: 30%
Note: The Above Data Was Measured By A 150 Pounds Rider. Actual Riding Performance Varies According To Rider's Weight, Terrain, Wind And Battery Level.


What's in the Box:  
1 x Ready-to-Skate Verreal Mini Electric Skateboard 
1 x Adaptor and Charger 
1 x Wireless Remote & USB Cable 
1 x T Wrench 
1 x L Wrench 

1, Verreal Is Not Waterproof. We donot recommend riders ride the board on wet surfaces for the sake of riders' safety. 
2, Beware That Verreal Is Controlled By The Remote. So Be Sure To Switch it Off When You Get Off Verreal To Avoid Unwanted Accidents. 
3, Water damage is not covered in the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When do you ship my order?
A: We try our best to ship out your order in three working days. It will only be delayed due to the lack of materials and parts.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order?  
A: Yes, you can. But you can only change or cancel your order before it gets shipped out. Because we have no way of getting it back, we do not approve order change or cancelation requests after it is shipped.

Q:How long can I get my board?(From the date it gets shipped to the date you receive it)                                                                                                                United states: 9-12 days.
Europe: 13-17 days.
Canada: 15-20 days.
Australia: 10-13 days.
Western Australia: 12-15 days.
South Korea: 5-7 days.
Japan: Signage 5-7 days in.
Taiwan:  5-7 days.
Singapore: 5-7 days.
West Malaysia: 5-7 days
East Malaysia: 7-10 days.
Vietnam: 7-10 days

Please note that the ongoing trade wars and trade tensions with US and EU may slow down the shipping a little bit.

Q: Can I get a tracking number for my order?                                                   A:Yes, of course! We will fill in the tracking number as soon as we ship out your order. You will receive a shipping notification Email from Shopify.

Q: Why the tracking number shows label created and nothing on FedEx website?                                                                                                                        A: Because Verreal electric skateboards are powered a 144 watt hours battery, which is well over the 99 watt hours limit for airline travel. Express companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS and others won't accept them onboard for international shipping. We are shipping via air freight for the first leg of shipping and via local courier services like FedEx/UPS for the final delivery. The tracking number we give is for the local courier services. So the first leg of shipping is not updated on that tracking number. Only when your parcel reaches destination country and clears customs clearance will the tracking number generate tracking updates.

Q:Do I need to pay for tax?
A: Our shipping prices are inclusive of customs taxes for US, Canada and European countries for purchases of an entire board. Taxes may be imposed and collected by destination country for customers who are from New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea and Japan.

Purchases of skateboard parts may be subject to taxes and customs duties, which are gonna be at buyer's costs. Usually the chances for a part to get imposed for taxes are around 1%.  

Q: Is Verreal board water proof? Can I ride through puddles or on wet/icy surfaces?                                                                                                            A:Verreal boards are not water proof. We recommend our customers stay away from puddles and wet or icy surfaces. Riding through puddles will kill your board. And riding on wet or icy surfaces are extremely dangerous, especially when you brake the board on these surfaces, you are very likely to fall off the board. That is because Verreal boards' wheels are made of polyurethane. It is very smooth. The board will skid out of control on wet or icy surfaces.  

Q: Can I ride in the rain?
A:No, you can't for the sake of your safety. Our board survives a heavy rain for a whole night. It has very strong water resistance. But due to the slippery roads and surfaces in or after the rain, the board would probably skid out of control. So we strongly advise our customers out of riding in the rain. It is also not covered by the warranty. Q: How much weight can Verreal boards hold?
Verreal boards can carry a max weight of 280lbs(150kgs). However, we recommend a max weight of 260lbs(120kgs) and below as the board's performance will get significantly reduced for weight over that.

This board is stocked in Toronto and is only available for Canadian customers.

We offer free shipping from Tonronto for Canadian customers.


We back up our products with 90 days Limited warranty, which starts from the date on which you receive your board. If somehow you experience quality issues with your board, please email us directly. We will help you diagnose the problem and offer you free replacement parts. Shipping costs are to be collected though. If the three months warranty expires, we will still offer you replacement parts at very low prices so you can get your board fixed fast and continue riding.

What Warranty Covers:
1, Motors
2, ESC and remote
3, Battery Pack
4, Chargers 

What Warranty Doesn't Cover: 
1, Bearings,
2, Belts,
3, Tubes, Tires,
4, Bushings,
5, Grip tape
6, Wheels
7, Deck
8, PU Sleeves for hub motors


We don't offer warranty services for the following conditions, but we offer repair services and replacement parts at low prices:

1, You didn't buy the board directly from us;
2, You have modified the board;
3, You have dismantled the board in an attempt to fix it; 
4, You have used the item that is not considered normal usage.                             5, The board breaks down in an accident or out of misuses.
6, The wheel wears and tears.
7, The board was damaged by customer themselves, such as damage from violence, modifications, unauthorized repairs and failure to follow the instructions in the user manual, damage caused by negligence, including using the battery for a long time with high power but not timely charging, or other damage caused by abuse. 
8, Your board was damaged by water or moisture.

By placing orders for products you are confirming your understanding & acceptance of this policy. 


No Returns! No Returns! No Returns! 

The reason for this policy is that shipping the electric skateboard back to China is impossible due to the battery capacity well over 99 watt hours and no express companies in your countries would accept to ship it. Even if there's shipping company accepts it, it will probably cost more than what the board is worth. 

No returns doesn't mean we will dodge our responsibilites. We will work nonstop to help you diagnose the issues and solve them by sending you replacement parts and guide you through how to install them.

By placing orders for products you are confirming your understanding & acceptance of this policy.


1, We don't issue refund when the order is being produced;
2, We don't issue refund when the order has already been shipped out;
3, We don't issue refund when there's an issue with the board you received;
4, We don't issue refund when the shipment is delivered according to tracking website; 
5, If somehow your package gets lost in transit, we will notify you and let you choose a refund or a free new board. If you choose a refund, we will not refund the shipping costs; 

By placing orders for products you are confirming your understanding & acceptance of this policy. 

Cancellations & Restocking Fees:

1, We allow cancellations for orders that have not been shipped out;
2, We will collect 20% of the total order value as Restock fees for cancellations of orders that have entered production phase or ready to ship. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

By placing orders for products you are confirming your understanding & acceptance of this policy.  

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Best Deal for Entry Board

Verreal Mini

Unlike other esk8 brands selling entry boards with 144Wh battery, Hobbywing ESC and 90mm hub motors for over 400 dollars, Verreal mini sells only for 299 USD free shipping.

Powerful Yet Quiet Motors

These 70KV 90mm Diameter hub motors have undergone rigorous testing on more than 200,000 drive boards, showcasing their immense power and long-lasting durability. Moreover, their exceptional quietness ensures that even your neighbors' dogs remain oblivious to their operation for years to come.


Thanks to the 10S Hobbywing Classic ESC, Verreal mini provides a smooth ride and ensures your safety. Unlike other boards, you won't have to worry about sudden jolts or unexpected movements when accelerating or braking.

10C Battery

This 4Ah 144Wh battery pack is able to discharge at 10C, which reduce the voltage sag significantly. Therefore, even when you run low on battery, the board is still able to provide good power.


Verreal mini is able to swap to cloud donut wheels for better ride feel on less ideal roads.

Local Service Station

In collaboration with our esteemed associate, DonJuan, we provide a wide range of services and repairs in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, located in New York, catering to our valued customers in the United States. Meanwhile, Verreal is actively exploring avenues to extend its service offerings to European customers within Europe and other countries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Elliot Sadowy

I like how it's shaped like a regular skateboard and not a longboard. It's the first electric board I've bought and I'm likely to stick with this model because of that. It's faster then I thought. Which makes it good for carving concrete trails/walking paths in my city. It's fun to fly around with a beer listening to metal on this board.

Carson Reilly
Best purchase I've ever made!

This board not only has a great price, it also serves beyond it's purpose. The advertising is beyond true and could not be happier with my purchase. This is the best electric skateboard on the market. You are making a mistake by NOT buying one of these boards!!

Jason Spencer
Excellent Value

Received my board very quickly from a Canadian Warehouse. It is an excellent board for the price and has plenty of power for someone my size (97kg). Very happy with it. Communication with Verreal has also been excellent.

Corey B
Great short board

I've been riding electruc boats for almost 10 years now. I've build many and purchased even more. I got this board for $250. I weigh About 210 , it goes 25+ mph for about 10 miles give or take., and it goes up any hill you put in front of it with in reason of course, with very little voltage sag. I have over a dozen boards ranging from full custom build rocket ships to Evolve Gt, Faboard dual belt, team gee H2O MINI, Huger tech speedster, lieftech summer board V2,Spectra mini pro, Bustin boards Magneto around the same price. I like it cuz it has a traditional skate board kick tail on both ends. but the Varreal is better overalland I have found myself choosing to ride this board the most cuz it just rides nice and feels good. If you're thinking about getting one go for it you won't regret it...

The best mini board

Fast shipping. 3 day's from toronto to Ottawa. Definitely great for your money's worth