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Verreal is the electric skateboard that offers the longest range at the same affordable prices.

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Testimonial(All 5 Stars)

The Verreal F1 is the only budget review unit I've kept. I love it! The simple enclosure and micro-dropped deck is a winning combination. I think you should stick with the motors you're currently using too. Don't "upgrade" to the newer version if you can avoid it. People are having vibration issues with them and you don't want that. Anyway, I just wanted to say that the Verreal F1 is my favorite budget board.

Samuel James

Easy and intuitive to learn despite my never having skateboarded. I bought this to escape the dreaded daily bus commute, but i now look forward riding my verreal board every chance i get!

Daniel G.

"I love my board it is just great. The best thing I love about my Verreal is that it is so quiet
that people look twice to see if I’m pushing because the motors are so powerful but so

Chad Montgomery

"It has been about 2 months since I recieved my Verreal V1 board. It has been good experince and the customer service were really nice. Thank you."

Dave Eatonv

"Arrived today, this is so awesome!! I cannot stop smiling when I ride it"

Cody Szymanski

I have the V1 and just got my F1 and can't be happier with my purchases. Went 11 miles on my F1 today and what a stable smooth ride. I might buy the mini and have the whole family. Great deal, and you will not have buyer's remorse, plus Vic is the best.

Pete Edwards

By far the best budget board on the market that rivals boards double the price.. Very impressed with my F1... 

Amby Joseph

This board is great. Had for a few days, and have been riding it for 15-20 metric miles... 
Had no issues or anything yet, exept it scaring the shit out of me with its speed (good kinda scared)
Great value for the money.. I highly recommend anyone to buy a verreal V1..
Edit: Been using it for daily commuting for over a month now, it still runs great, its fast enough and had no issues with the controller etc..

Jonny Larsson

Board came today! I did have to wait a couple weeks for it to ship but I’ll say this! Totally worth it, This thing is cool AF, great looking board top to bottom and it performs! I’m 6ft 275 pounds and it rips down the road with my big ass on it lol, My dog & I are going to enjoy this thing for sure...Thanks Vic... 

Gary Kennith Cather
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